Fighter Anibal Jr. Dies Of Covid-19

The 50-year-old fighter from Guadalajara died at dawn this Saturday due to complications from COVID-19.

The fighter Anibal Jr. died this morning at the age of 50, after several days in serious condition and due to complications from COVID-19.

The journalist Roberto Figueroa and Jorge Cabrera, better known as the referee ‘Baby Richard’, released the news of the death of veteran fighter Anibal Jr by COVID-19 during the first hours of Saturday.

“I just got a call that shocked me. They inform me that, due to Covid, Anibal Jr. has just died, who on January 10 had been reported positive and between 12 and 14 of this month was reported in serious condition. On Facebook, Baby Richard also confirms this news. I regret the loss of the successor of a legend and I hope his family finds strength and speedy resignation, ” Figueroa explained on social networks.

Anibal’s son was originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco. On September 27, 1993, he made his debut in the Bullfighting of Cuatro Caminos.

Anibal Jr. participated in the CMLL and AAA, and later he was in the independent company IWRG, where he spent most of his 27-year professional career.

Among the achievements of Anibal Jr. are the masks of Angel, Last Vampire II, Evil Beast, Ricky Cruzz, and Commander Markus, as well as the hair of Zandokan and Mask Year 2000 Jr.

For several years Anibal Jr. taught wrestling classes at his gym “Anibal Gym” in Cuautitlan Izcalli, State of Mexico.

Lucha Libre has been one of the disciplines most affected by the pandemic, with constant reports of veteran wrestlers who have died from COVID-19.

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