Emma Coronel, Wife Of Chapo Guzmán, Was Arrested In The US For Drug Trafficking

Emma Coronel, the wife of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, was arrested in the United States for drug trafficking.

The US Department of Justice confirmed the information that was already beginning to circulate on networks this Monday afternoon.

Jesús Esquivel, a Proceso journalist, was one of the first to refer to the matter. “Emma Coronel, the wife of Chapo Guzmán, is arrested in Washington, accused by the US government of international drug trafficking.”

According to a statement from the United States Department of Justice, Colonel ” was arrested today in Virginia on charges related to her alleged participation in international drug trafficking.” Chapo’s wife is expected to have an initial appearance Tuesday, via video conference, in federal court in the District of Columbia.

Emma Coronel

 Coronel Aispuro was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Washington. “According to court documents, she is accused of participating in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana for importation into the United States. Furthermore, it is alleged that Coronel Aispuro conspired with others to assist Guzmán in his escape from the Altiplano on July 11, 2015. prison, located in Almoloya de Juárez, Mexico. After Guzmán was arrested again in Mexico in January 2016. “

The former Mexican beauty queen was charged in a criminal complaint with conspiracy to distribute “one kilo or more of heroin, five kilograms or more of cocaine, 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana, and 500 grams or more of methamphetamine for illegal importation into the United States. ”Added the official information.

According to information from the US Department of Justice, Colonel Aispuro would also be involved in the planning of another prison break with others before Guzmán’s extradition to the United States in January 2017.

Coronel is accused of participating in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana for importation into the United States (REUTERS)

As will be recalled, El Chapo has already faced the US justice system in what was called the “trial of the century” and was convicted in 2019.

Nicholas L. McQuaid, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, and Steven D’Antuono, of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, were responsible for making the announcement about Colonel’s arrest.

The body in charge of handling Coronel’s case is the FBI office in Washington, while Anthony Nardozzi, acting deputy chief, and attorney Kate Wagner, of the Department of Justice’s Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Section, are in charge of the process.

Towards the end of its statement, the Department explained that “a criminal complaint is simply an accusation and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.”

According to docket 1: 21-mj-00240, the indictment is based on investigations by FBI space agent Eric S. McGuire who, he said, obtained information from other agents, including communications in Spanish that were translated into English.

Emma Coronel was one of the most media figures precisely during the trial of her husband in the United States.

Once the verdict was read by Judge Brian Cogan, on February 12, 2019, El Chapo looked at Emma Coronel Aispuro and made a gesture that journalists present in the room interpreted as an attempt to calm her down. She only answered with a thumb up.

That day, El Chapo was found guilty of ten serious charges related to drug trafficking, money laundering, international conspiracy, and the use of firearms.

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