Did Luis Miguel Have A Relationship With Alejandra Guzmán And Stephanie Salas At The Same Time


The second season of Luis Miguel’s series continues to give people something to talk about and take out the laundry of dozens of celebrities in the sun as the episodes progress. This time, the most recent episode of the program touched on the relationship that “El Sol” had with Alejandra Guzmán … while he was with his cousin Stephanie Salas.

In a conversation in Chapter 4 that came out this Sunday on Netflix, “Micky” has a conversation with his daughter Michelle, where he refers to his aunt.

“My aunt Alejandra says that all your music sounds the same,” mentions little Michelle. “Oh yeah? Well, tell your aunt Alejandra that… ”, Luismi responds.

According to the journalist Claudia de Icaza, the Sun and the rocker Alejandra Guzmán had a courtship at the same time that Luis Miguel had a relationship with Stephanie Salas.

This became known when the journalist published in 1994 the book Luis Miguel, the great loner, in which she revealed several secrets of the singer.

How was the relationship between Luis Miguel and Alejandra Guzmán?

Claudia de Icaza pointed out that more than a courtship, what she had with “la Guzmán” was a romance.

“Sorry, but it was not a courtship, show me a photo of them together. If Luis Miguel threw a trip with Stephanie and then they returned and took Alejandra Guzmán, that is, that was not serious, he walked with both of them at the same time, ”he revealed to Telemundo.

Likewise, some time ago the entertainment journalist Martha Figueroa gave some statements on the subject in the same vein as those of Icaza.

“It was Alejandra Guzmán, who hung around her neck and everyone laughed and they too, then took her to the dressing room and there no one knows, no one knew,” .

The data that are known about the romance between the two stars is counted, although there are not a few who speculate that the romance did exist and at the same time as with Salas.

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