Daniela Berriel: Judge Orders The Release Of Eduardo ‘N’, Alleged Rapist Of The Actress.

Through a message, the actress’s father named Mario A. Berriel released the news about her daughter’s attacker.

A judge ordered the release of Eduardo ‘N’ , an alleged rapist of actress Daniela Berriel. Through a message, her father named Mario A. Berriel released the news on social networks.

Despite the fact that the man had already been linked to proceedings for his probable participation in the crime of rape, he was released yesterday. Although the details are unknown, he will likely continue his process outside of prison.

I am the father of Daniela who was raped in Acapulco by Eduardo Ojeda Franco, grandson, and son of the main owners of GRUPO INFRA and who was linked to the process last month. I inform you that yesterday, surprisingly, the judge released him

More than a month ago, Eduardo ‘N’ was placed in preventive detention for the offense of Daniela Berriel, whom he allegedly sexually assaulted in Acapulco. Actor Gonzalo Peña would have been a witness.

Before that, the actress thought that the law would not do justice, so she published a video on social networks where she made her story public and gave details of how she would have been sexually assaulted in the Mexican port.

Currently, the actress Daniela Berriel has deactivated her social networks, but the case is already publicly known and there are beginning to be signs of indignation because her alleged attacker is free.

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