Her heart stopped beating this Friday, April 2; her family was with her, she died at home, calm and in peace. In her last article, she thanks her followers for accompanying her throughout her career.

In the company of her children and loved ones, yesterday,  Friday, April 2, in complete calm, tranquility, and at home, the great  Chepina Peralta passed away.

The news was made known to the team gastroLAB of El Heraldo de Mexico by his son, Jorge Fernandez de Lara, who said her death was due to natural causes and age 90 years old last October 20.  

Due to the situation that is experienced by the pandemic, the family will maintain all funeral services privately, however, it is of the utmost importance for them to let all of Chepina’s followers know that she loved them and always had them present. even in her last moments of life. 

In her last article published last Friday, March 12, her publishing house, Gastrolab, Chepina wrote:  

“A feeling of gratitude has come to my heart and it has made me think of all the people I have encountered on the path of my life. My co-workers, camera directors, cameramen, floor managers, props, illuminators, set designers, scriptwriters, personal assistants, sponsors. How many people participated in my television shows and, what comes from my heart is to say, Thank you. 

To my family who has supported me at all times and, in any case, without them, I would not have had this wonderful journey so full of interesting and wonderful things. Thank you. 

This has moved me to express my gratitude, has awakened in me a feeling of company, and has made me reflect on the importance of expressing gratitude because it induces the good things that we have in life to take their fair value. 

I want to invite you to take a tour of her life and see what things to be thankful for. In this environment where we are having to live and it seems that everything is flowing against us, let us rescue the most elemental and from the recognition of this such as breathing, we will be able to rescue everything pleasant that is happening and then we will give thanks for life, By seeing and appreciating everything multifaceted that we have around us: the sky, the movement of a tree branch, the wind, the falling of a leaf or the flying of a bird, it will make us recognize how much we have to thank and By doing so, we will feel our heart fill up and it will leave less and less space for what is bad that happens around us or that little by little will tend to be reduced. 

Finally, thank you for this space that allows me to maintain this company with so many people that I love so much and who have accompanied me and have not let me feel alone. Friends, friends, see you next time and … may you cook it well ”. 

Rest in peace the great Chepina Peralta.

By: Gastrolab drafting

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