Carmelita Salinas: They Try To Hack Her Whatsapp Account

At dawn on Thursday, November 11, the actress and former deputy Carmen Salinas was transferred in an ambulance to intensive care due to a serious health problem; During the first hours the exact diagnosis was not known, but later it was revealed that it was due to a stroke.

A few hours ago, the nephew of the businesswoman, Gustavo Briones, informed the media about a possible hacking attempt on Carmelita Salinas’ WhatsApp account; probably to extort money from her acquaintances.

“Don’t spread the word about my aunt’s WhatsApp, right now they tried to hack it; I received messages to enter codes. I don’t know who is doing it, but I do know so they should be careful ”.

They see that it is fashionable to hack and ask for money on behalf of the person … if they can spread it, no one is asking for money,” Briones alerted the media.

She also commented that they are currently receiving support from the National Association of Actors (ANDA) to cover the medical expenses of Mrs. Salinas.

Health status of Carmen Salinas

Hours after being admitted to the hospital, the family spoke to the media about the prognosis of the former deputy for the Institutional Revolutionary Party. The granddaughter of the first actress reported that she is in poor health.

“Currently my grandmother is in a coma with her organs functioning naturally. The diagnosis is a stroke on the stem part. She began to feel bad from one moment to the next. The diagnosis is delicate ”, informed the actress’s granddaughter.

Contradictions in diagnosis

The versions about the health of  Carmelita Salinas are in conflict; While her godson  Jorge Nieto assures that they declared irreversible damage after the actress’s stroke, her nephew and daughter denied said information.

“There were three neurologists who visited Carmen and they all agree that the spill caused irreversible damage. What they are telling us is that she is not going to wake up, but we are waiting for a miracle, anything could happen ”, Nieto confessed to journalist Azucena Uresti.

In contrast, both her nephew Gustavo Briones and her daughter María Eugenia Plascencia denied that the doctors’ diagnosis of Carmelita was that she will no longer return from a coma or that she has irreversible damage after the stroke.

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