Andrea Escalona Remembers The Day Magda Rodriguez Died

Andrea Escalona recounted the last day she spoke with her mother, Magda Rodriguez, who passed away on November 1, 2020. The host of the Hoy program mentioned that the producer “had an overweight problem” and that she always set herself the goal of “losing weight”; indicated that he did not know if his mother had a chronic disease.

In an interview for Mara Patricia Castañeda’s YouTube channel, Andrea Escalona mentioned that Magda Rodríguez died of health complications derived from an ulcer she had.

I was not (was sick), no, Magda always took every year I wanted to lose weight, she was aware that she had a weight problem (…)  Magda if she did vanity (lose weight ), but I do believe in being healthy and moving, I did it for health, to take care of it.

” I knew it was also a subject that exposed him so much because deep down it hurt him and it was something that she could not control, she who was always so good at many things, at the end of the day she could not carry out her goal because she was greedy”, Andrea Escalona mentioned.

“I didn’t even know she had an ulcer”: Escalona  on her mother’s death

The driver mentioned that Magda Rodriguez never wanted to weigh herself and was not tested for covid-19. She recounted her last talk and that she sensed that something was happening to her mother.

“I don’t know if she had covid-19 or not. She had an ulcer burst, I didn’t even know she had an ulcer. In fact, I met my mother (…) I was with her that Saturday and between things, She told me: ‘Well, this week I have felt bad’, eye not ‘I have felt bad’ of ‘I’m going to die’ but of ‘I’m tired’, I said: ‘mom’ … because Magda was good for blackmail (…) I told him: ‘Don’t worry, leaving the Tenorio, I’ll come with you to watch series and movies and chicken broth,’ “he recalled.

However, Escalona did not return to her mother’s house, who insisted that it was not because she believed she had COVID-19, so that night Magda Rodriguez stayed only in the company of the person who helps her with cleaning.

“She got me up with her at 8. I start to do my things, I start to fix, Monica Noguera talks to me (…) And suddenly, I talk to my mother and she doesn’t answer her cell phone, it was about 10. I speak to the girl: ‘Hey, Maira, can you pass me on to my mother?’ (…) I swear to you, my script in my head is: ‘if my mom something happens to her, I’ll die’ and my girl: ‘Miss, don’t breathe,’ “she said.

In a matter of minutes, Andrea Escalona arrived in San Angel, where the house that belonged to her mother is located. She stressed that Televisa helped him with all the procedures.

“When I met her, she was fine … she no longer felt anything, after the ambulances arrive very fast, right? They arrived about half an hour later, I don’t know how long, that was not the case because I was fine … but it was a very strong shock to see my mother, “She said.


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