Aislinn Derbez Announces New Business Project: What Is It About?

Aislinn Derbez joins the list of entertainment personalities who have managed to generate income amid the confinement experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mexican actress announced the launch of an accessories collection in partnership with “Morena Corazón”, a major Mexican brand.

The Derbez and Morena Corazón jewelry collection is inspired by “personal evolution that sooner or later, we all live”. Likewise, the pieces provide a “window to the connection and reflection of being and their own well-being”.

“The objective of this collection is to be able to acquire pieces that are not only so that you look good but also have a philosophy behind, an important symbolism and an intention behind each piece,” said the actress when referring to the purpose of her new facet as a businesswoman with this collection of accessories.

Aislinn Derbez starts a career as an entrepreneur! | Sun risesDespite the fact that her 2020 did not start well, #AislinnDerbez has decided to explore her creative side and start as a businesswoman. # PájarosEnELAlambre Do not miss every day The Sun rises at 9 am on Imagen Televisión. Also visit our page Or on the Sale el Sol Facebook networks: Twitter: Or…2020-12-01T18: 46: 50Z

Derbez also spoke about each of the designs in the collection and highlighted that he participated in the creative process of the pieces: “This pandemic also helped us a lot to have a lot more creativity and to be able to see how we could get things that were really interesting for people according to what we are living ”.

Aislinn Derbez’s collection in partnership with Morena Corazón is fully available on the Mexican brand’s website and includes pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, hats and ponchos. Prices range from $ 127 to $ 147.

Likewise, Eugenio Derbez’s daughter confessed that confinement helped her discover what was not working in her life: “It helped me a lot personally, it was like a magnifying glass that pointed to what was no longer working and what you have to change yourself (…) I think one of the most important lessons we come to learn in this life is how to transform pain into wisdom ”.

Aislinn Derbez owns an organic line of personal hygiene products


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Aislinn Derbez’s facet as an entrepreneur is not only limited to her collection of accessories with Morena Corazón, but she also owns AMAI , a Mexican brand of organic shampoo sticks.

According to the AMAI website , the initiative was born “from the need to care for and honor nature and our body”.

Likewise, AMAI highlights that “it believes in the power of nature and in the infinity of benefits offered by combining medicinal, aromatic and therapeutic properties of our plants with the deep hydration of our oils.”

One of the main characteristics of the brand is that they are completely natural, sustainable and plastic-free products.

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