Texas: A 9-year-old Girl Dies Trying To Cross The Rio Grande

The girl tried to cross the Rio Grande from the Texas side with her family. They tried to revive her in a hospital but, despite their efforts, she did not survive.

This March 20, in the area of Eagle Pass, Texas, the Border Patrol rescued a Guatemalan migrant. This migrant wanted to cross into the United States with her two children: a 3-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl. However, the girl died when they tried to cross the Rio Grande.

Although the events occurred last Saturday, the Border Patrol revealed the events yesterday through an official statement. In it, he says that his agents responded to a call to rescue 3 people stranded on an island on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

These people were a woman from Guatemala and her two children of Mexican nationality: a 3-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl. All three were unconscious. Therefore, the first thing the agents did was apply first aid measures while they were being transferred to the river bank.

The woman and the 3-year-old boy regained consciousness, but the girl still did not respond. So she was sent to Eagle Pass, Texas, Fire Department Emergency Medical Services. However, there they could not revive her either and declared her deceased.

The Mexican consul in Eagle Pass, Ismael Naveja Macías, explained that the woman tried to swim across the Rio Grande with her children. However, the force of the current snatched the girl from him.

The consul also added that, after the incident, the Border Patrol transferred the mother and her little one to San Antonio, Texas, to receive medical attention. The only thing that is known about his state of health is that the child is still seriously ill.

Texas: on alert for migrant crossings

Meanwhile, the situation on the US border with Mexico continues to complicate. Especially in Texas, shelters and detention centers are becoming overcrowded, and the government is turning to the military to handle the arrival of so many people.

Since the situation began to escalate, the state government has blamed Joe Biden’s policies for the uncontrolled arrival of migrants.

For his part, Biden has denied that there is a migration crisis. During his first press conference yesterday, he said that this increase in crossings is normal during the winter. In addition, he added that having withdrawn Donald Trump’s policies is also not related to the increase in migration.

Finally, he reaffirmed that deportations in Texas and throughout the border continue. The only ones who are exempt from them due to their highly vulnerable situation are unaccompanied migrant children.

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