Vikkstar Net Worth [2022] Popular on YouTube

Popular Warzone content creators Vikram ‘Vikkstar’ Singh Barn.

Vikkstar is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer but is known as the Call of Duty gamer. With three different gaming YouTube channels.

  1. Vikkstar123 
  2. Vikkstar123HD
  3. VikkstarPlays.

He is hugely popular on YouTube, and Vikkstar has over a billion views on the platform. He also has more than 6.97 million followers on his Youtube account.

Vikkstar Net Worth 2022

NameVikram Singh Barn
Age25 Years Old
BirthdayAugust 2, 1995
ProfessionStreamer; Player
Net worth$ 7 million
Married singleSingle
ResidencyEU Europe

Vikkstar123’s Girlfriend

Vikkstar123’s girlfriend and personal life are also hot topics for his fans and followers.

So, who is Vikkstar123’s partner now? Most likely, this 25-year-old is single at the moment. Even if Vikram is dating anyone, he hasn’t yet spilled the tea on social media.

Vikkstar is currently the player with the most money on Warzone. The Sidemen member surprised everyone by winning the Warzone tournament three times in a row.

Find below the complete list of the 20 players of Warzone who won the most money. As you can see, a host of professional players are part of this ranking with notably Crimsix coming in 11th, while his Dallas Empire teammates, Clayster and Shotzzy, are respectively 17th and 19th.

 Position PlayerEarnings
1Vikkstar123$ 37,900
2HusKerrs$ 36,066
3Itz_warz$ 34,900
4diegosaurs$ 33,000
5JoshOG$ 32,333
6Jukeyz$ 26,166
7GaGOD$ 21,666
8ShivFPS$ 21,666
9Frozone$ 19,583
10SuperEvan$ 19,583
11Crimsix$ 16,000
12xAmpzMedia$ 14,583
13Nickmercs$ 13,833
14Tommey$ 11,166
15Swagg$ 10,833
16bobbypoff$ 10,000
17Clayster$ 10,000
18AydanC$ 9,333
19Shotzzy$ 9,000
20TeePee$ 9,000

In Call of Duty: Warzone there are tons of weapons and often the choice is difficult. Fortunately, there are experts like YouTuber Vikkstar 123 who explain in a list of personal weapon tiers which cannons in the game are particularly good in season 4.5 in July 2020.

What is an animal list? In games with different items, weapons or heroes, it is often advantageous to divide their usefulness into levels. These are called “levels” in English. Therefore, an animal list is a ranking list in which you can see at a glance what is better and what is bad.

The “levels” are divided as follows:

  • Level S: absolutely superior, can be generated
  • A-tier: just good
  • Level B: absolutely average
  • Level C: slightly below average
  • Level D: way below average, pretty shitty

Where does the list come from? The following list of animals deals with all (!) Weapons in CoD: Warzone, also items like Kali-Sticks or Riot-Shield. The list comes from CoD expert and Youtuber Vikkstar123, who after many hours of Warzone can rank his weapons well.

Here is the video from Vikkstar123.


It has divided all the weapons in the game into Tiers S to D and refers to Season 4.5 on its roster in July 2020, that is, after the main weapon balance of the June 30 mid-season update.

List of tiers of all weapons in July 2020

BullBruen Mk9
Kilo 141
Gray 5.56
Kar 98k
A levelPKM
Riot Shield
Level bAK47
Model 680
PP 19 Bizon
Origin 12
Holger 26
.357 Magnum
Potash sticks
Level CScar FN
Striker 45
Rytec AMR
.50 GS
Carbine MK2
VLK Rogue Shotgun

What is surprising? It is interesting that Vikkstar places a lot of weapons in the upper levels S and A. So there are some really good weapons that you can find in the game. According to Vikkstar, Bruen Mk9, which is completely superior, leads the field, but also the generated GRAY can still be found in the superior segment.

The Bruen Mk9 moved slowly to the top.

The Bruen Mk9 moved slowly to the top.

Vikkstar’s weapons of hate are the R9-0 and VLK Rogue shotguns, by the way, because he doesn’t kill with them. However, we have another list of hate weapons in CoD Warzone here. These are the 4 most hated weapons that can still be found on the battlefield and continuously used by players.

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