YouTuber Jwittz Controversy, Kind Of The Nerds, Divorce

Jwittz is a YouTube character who plays Nintendo.

In a contest on October 9, 2013, he was awarded the winner of the King of Nerds and was called The People’s Nerd.

Jwittz’s real name is Josh Wittenkeller, he was born on October 25, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois. He did not enjoy a good life at school, as he was bullied by his friends. Jwittz and Renae: Not All Promises Are Fake::

He dated Renae Antonelli while he was working as a teacher. After some years it was 2015 when Josh and Renae tied the knot. They enjoyed their honeymoon period in Hawaii. On may 1, 2021 Lincoln was born to Josh and Lena.

They have a dog Zoey, and a pet turtle called Tortimer, reminiscent of the eponymous character from the Animal Crossing series.

The ongoing fake rumors about his divorce are completely false. Hoaxes are that Jwittz and Renae separate; the real truth is that they are enjoying their sip of espresso, in a warm blanket together.

Jwittz Reddit Controversy: 

Six years back he disabled the comment section. Fans noticed and started their investigation of why Jwittz did this. People were seen posting on Reddit to get their answer, why Jwittz disabled the comment section. One user was seen commenting, “ He is a top poketuber and had a talk with Miyamotto of all people, is it the same reason as to why PewDiePie once disabled the comment section”

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