Who Is Anes Ayuni Osman? Wife, Instagram, Car, House

The old people often have a saying “women are better than husbands” if married to the right person, married life is always full of pink. But today, not only do men bring happiness and prosperity to their homes, but many women are also very successful, becoming the main breadwinner in the family. That’s why today there is a saying “men are superior to each other in wives”.

Imagine if you were given a gift by your wife for no reason, how happy would you be? In any case, the gift is up to tens of billions of dong, this husband must be too “enjoyable”. The story was “virtual” but very real,  Hype Malaysia reported, luck suddenly came to Malaysian Weldan Zulkefli (20 years old) and the gift was an eye-catching jade green Lamborghini Huracan Evo. priced at 2 million ringgit (equivalent to about 11 billion dong) was bought as a gift by his wife, Anes Ayuni Osman (19 years old). The article shared on Hype Malaysia on March 15 has received a lot of attention from netizens.

Hearing this, many brothers must have started to be jealous and curious as to why the lucky guy got his wife so understanding. But it is true that it is not natural, Weldan Zulkefli is going to have to go through a very hard time as a babysitter, so this is the reward that Ms. Anes “advance” for her husband in advance. It is known that Anes Ayuni Osman is a quite successful businessman despite her very young age, she works in the cosmetics business, so spending a gift worth billions of dong is not a difficult condition.

Sharing on social networks about the reason for giving her husband this “small” gift, Anes said that since the day of her marriage, she has always received blessings from everyone because her husband – Mr. very caring, loving wife, especially during pregnancy. After giving birth, Anes will return to her hometown to stay at home and of course, her husband will also have to “stay at home” to take care of mother and child. Knowing her husband’s upcoming hardship, Anes did not hesitate to spend money to give him a gift to thank him for his efforts. The clip shared by Anes on tiktok has received many congratulatory comments from netizens. To date, the interaction of the short clip has reached 1.4 million views.

If you think that a gift of 11 billion VND is already a big deal, you seem to have forgotten the story of a Vietnamese businesswoman who gave her husband a 200 billion VND supercar that caused a stir on social networks in early March. via. Specifically, Business and Marketing posted, a famous businesswoman in the world of cosmetology and beauty in Vietnam named Phan Thi Mai gave her husband, giant Hoang Kim Khanh, a huge car from the Koenigsegg Regera brand – The car line is only for the rich and those who “play”. It is known that this gift is a “limited” item and is only for “limited” people in the heart of businesswomen.

Phan Thi Mai is currently the owner of a nationwide chain of beauty care stores, she is also known as the “most expensive” owner when she spends tens of billions of dong a month to pay her employees. So the amount of 200 billion VND is probably not worth much compared to the existing assets of the successful business couple. However, receiving this “mist” gift, surely everyone wishes and was so happy that they fainted.

Anes Ayuni Osman
Magnificent villa of a businesswoman couple in Ha Tinh. (Photo: Hoang Kim Khanh)

These are examples of the phrase “men are superior to each other in wives” that still appear on social networks today, but this does not mean that men who have not been given a terrible driver by their wives are miserable. Gifts, big or small, are all sisters’ hearts. Brothers and sisters pay money to their wives every month, just wait and see, the day will come to pick sweet fruits!

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