Timmy Thomas Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Timmy Thomas singer-musical artist, a native of Evansville died on Saturday 14 March 2022. Hit “Why can’t We Live Together” anti-war song reached US Top 3 back in 1973. Later was sampled by artist Drake. 

Many other artists including Sade, Steve Winwood, Santana, and MC Hammer. also recorded Thomas’s anti-war song.

Reportedly, Thomas was 77 at the time of death. 

“Why can’t We Live Together” becomes the best of his career. The anti-war song was written in protest of the Vietnam War back in 1972. More than 2 million copies were sold. Thomas’ hit made it to number one on Billboard’s R&B chart and third on the Hot 100 chart.

In 2015, Drake, a Canadian rapper sampled Thomas’ for his single “Hotline Bling”.

Thomas did not urge upon knowing the fact that Drake repurposed the song’s beautiful lyrics to fit her ex-girlfriend, which once brought peace and love.

While taking to spin magazine he felt honored, Drake used the original base and did not re-record it. Thomas played the anti-war song’s all instruments, solely. Furthermore, apart from appreciating Drake, he also advised him, “I appreciate Drake’s music, but he had to learn a few things, I had to get into the rap dictionary to find out the things he was saying especially ‘Hotline bling’ I have no idea what it means.”The song was also recorded by Sade, Steve Winwood, Santana, and MC Hammer. 

Thomas started his music career alongside  Donald Byrd and Cannonball Adderly. 

However, he rose to stardom after he moved to Miami. Moreover, he gave many hits including; ‘Why Can’t We Live’, ‘Let Me Be Your Eyes’, ‘I’ve Got To See You Tonight’, ‘New York Eyes’,’ What Can I Tell Her, and many more.

In 2017, Evansville officials awarded Thomas.

Cause Of Death:
Everyone is in search of Timmy Thomas’s cause of death. We are working on our sources to get in-depth about Timmy Thomas’s cause of death.

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