Bad news comes on the TikTok scene: Gabriel Salazar, alias GabeNotBabe, has lost his life at just 19 years old. It is confirmed by family, friends, and fans who have begun to honor the legacy of the tiktoker.

The rumors began on the afternoon of Sunday the 26th, just after Gabe uploaded a story to Instagram. It is not known if it was due to a lack of attention to the wheel, but close friends tell in networks that it was due to a violent traffic accident.

The young man, a resident of Brownsville, Texas, uploaded a video to his Instagram story moments before the event. In it, the influencer could be seen driving a vehicle while singing a song.

Like so many other creators, Gabe had his moment of glory in 2020 during the global lockdowns, a season that he used to upload a lot of content to his favorite social network. The result: 1.2 million followers in just a few months , a figure that is skyrocketing to over a million and a half after the fatal news of his death was known.

” Words are not enough to explain how I feel right now,” writes fellow influencer Ricky Flores. “I would do anything to bring you back, we were the best duo man. Rest in peace brother.”

The news has also gone viral on other platforms thanks to an initiative that emerged on GoFundMe, which aims to raise $ 25,000 (just over 21,000 euros) to “honor Gabe’s memory. ” In just a few hours they had already achieved half the goal.

“We are asking for support for their family. They will have to miss work and bear funeral expenses that will be too much for them. Please consider making a donation and thus help alleviate, at least, the pain and tension of their parents,” they urge in croufounding, started by Chris Vázquez.

As for the circumstances of the accident, the promoters of the collection do not want to go into details because “it is very difficult for us to talk about what happened to him .” Even so, they ask for help through that platform to pay the last tribute, we suppose that in some type of funeral or event in his memory.

Gabe would upload a lot of videos while driving, sometimes without a seatbelt, something that could have ended up costing him his life.

Thousands of followers have commented astonished at the misfortune on their public profiles, which still have the last image that they uploaded fresh. It’s him posing while in front of a flyer at night, and that is actually a repost from a few months ago. A tragic coincidence.

Fan Pay Tribute To TikToker Gabriel Salazar


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