The reason George Clooney gave a million dollars to each of his 14 best friends

The actor invited “The Boys”, as they call themselves, to his home on September 27, 2013

Keeping your feet on the ground shouldn’t be easy when you’ve achieved George Clooney’s world fame. At almost 60 years old – he will turn 6 next May – the actor has conquered the hearts of many moviegoers with great films such as “The Ides of March” or “Syriana” which gave him the first of his Oscars as a supporting actor and “Argo”, his second, for best film. Also for his series. Being one of the most elegant and most handsome actors in Hollywood has no doubt helped him in his conquest but even so, he has always been a man whose fame has not gone to his head.

You know who has been by your side all this time and who has helped you when you have needed it. So one fine day, Clooney decided to thank that support in a different way. He bought 14 briefcases, for 14 friends, and filled the bags with a million dollars each. On September 27, 2013, the actor invited them to dinner at his home and gave each of them a gift. A fact that has been known for a long time but of which he had never spoken.

“ Amal and I had just met, we weren’t dating yet. So at that time, I was a 52-year-old single man who was getting old and had friends even older than me, “explains the actor in a new interview with the US edition of GQ.

The success of the film “Gravity” brought him many financial benefits and he decided to entertain his friends: “I thought I had to do something for all these friends who for 35 years had helped me to be where I was in one way or another. We are talking about people who let me sleep on their sofa when they had no money. That he lent me money when I needed it. Really good friends.

I did not want to have to wait to pass away to leave something with them having the opportunity to do it in life. “I remember when that story was leaked to the press I ran into a pretty stupid millionaire in a hotel in Las Vegas. Someone who was obviously much richer than me and who asked me why I had done something like that. ‘Why didn’t you do it, idiot?’ It was the only thing I answered, “says Clooney.

It was Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s husband, who revealed Clooney’s big surprise a few years ago. “He also paid us all the bills, taxes, and debts we had so that the million euros was exclusively ours,” he explained with gratitude.

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