Steve Lightle Legion Of Super-Heroes Artist Dies At 61

Steve Lightle, a cartoonist known for his iconic stories in DC’s  Legion of Super-Heroes and  Doom Patrol,  passed away at the age of 61 from cardiac arrest. Matthew LightleSteve Lightle’s son, was the one who made the sad announcement on his father’s Facebook account :

After starting his career in comics with  Black Diamond # 4 of  AC Comics , Lightle started working at DC Comics, illustrating a story of 10 pages in  New Talent Showcase # 4 . Later, Lightle became the new lead artist for  Legion of Super-Heroes , taking over from Keith Giffen. It was also the creation of some covers. During his time on  Legion of Super-Heroes , he was the co-creator of Tellus and Quislet , and was part of the creative team behind the death of the Karate Kid. Here is an excerpt that was produced in an interview between CBR and Steve Lightle in 2002:

One of the best things about the Legion is the diversity of its cast. I like different characters for their unique qualities. There is a clumsiness in Brainiac 5 that makes him an endearing character, despite his superior intelligence. Timber Wolf has a vitality and potential that makes him interesting. Umbra has a seriousness that masks some intriguing insecurities …

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