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The “L,” or Chicago’s subway system, is well renowned for its street entertainers, which once included R&B legend, R. Kelly. Solow Redline, a homeless rapper from Chicago, is the most recent performer to go viral after an incredible subway performance captured on tape by fellow rapper Co-Still.

Solow Redline, a native of Chicago’s South Side, has established himself on the Red Line subway platform in the downtown loop area for five years. His appearance and inspirational songs have inspired various video clips to be posted on YouTube for the benefit of journalists and regular commuters.

Quick Bio

Name: Solow Redline
Net Worth: $100 Thouand
Age:  46 years old
Profession(s): Musical artist
Albums #homelessrapper, Freedom Papers, F.A.K.E., I Still Love Her Though
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Viewers have been interested in Larry Newberry’s Solow clip since 2011, and Ralph Braseth’s 2013 upload has also drawn attention. However, it wasn’t until a year later, when independent rap artist Cordell “Co-Still” Hunter saw him perform and posted a video of it online, that it went viral.

He wasn’t on the streets, so he progressively worked with producers on mixtapes and features for local projects in the recording studio. He claimed that because so many people he has liked had followed a similar path, he didn’t see any issues with playing in the subways.

Co-Still and Sleepy decided to help Solow Redline and his family by using the video’s success to generate money for a home. As soon as possible, a GoFundMe page was set up for donations, and Wicked Entertainment was chosen to officially distribute Solow Redline’s Music.

After being featured on Good Morning America and tweeted to the show’s 2.5 million followers, the vedio started getting attention on national television. The five-minute video clip of Solow’s non-stop flow detailing the highs and lows of life with a compelling account of his tragic circumstances has garnered interest from the Steve Harvey show. 7.3 Million views to date.

The Solow Redline performs on “Redline,” carries the same name as him and has done so for a while. He performs there to earn money, but as he declares in his rap, “ain’t no ladder down here but I’ll keep Climbing,” he hasn’t given up.

What is Solow Redline Net Worth?

As of 2023, Solow Redline Net Worth is $100 Thousand. His YouTube channel called SoLow RedLine has more than 5.16K subscribers. Since it began ten years ago, 110 videos have been uploaded. Through November 29th, 2022, SoLow RedLine’s channel will have a $554 value. Hip-hop music and Music are among the categories where videos on the track are posted.

According to the language, quality, and current audience, the average revenue from advertising on the channel is estimated below. He makes $0 daily, $3 per week, $12 per month, and $144 per year.

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