Sidharth Shukla Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Actor Sidharth Shukla died of a heart attack on Thursday at the age of 40. He had a heart attack in the morning and by the time he was taken to Kapoor Hospital in Mumbai, he was dead. It is being told that Sidharth had taken some medicines at night. The real cause of his death is yet to be known. It will be clear only after the post-mortem report that what is the real reason behind the death of Sidharth Shukla? At present, the police are investigating the matter and the statements of his family, as well as friends, are also being taken.

So far his family has also not expressed any doubts. It is feared that he may have had a heart attack only after sleeping at night. On Wednesday night, Sidharth Shukla was not feeling well, after that he took some medicine and went to sleep and did not wake up in the morning. When family members and staff went to pick him up, he was unconscious. After which his sister and brother-in-law took him to Kapoor Hospital, where he was declared brought dead. Sidharth was emerging as a popular face on the small screen as well as in films. He was the winner of Bigg Boss 13. There is a wave of mourning in the television world due to his sudden death and many celebrities from the film world have also expressed their condolences.

Let us tell you that Sidharth and Shahnaz Gill are very good friends of each other. Rumors of a relationship were also often flying about this friendship of theirs. But neither Sidharth nor Shahnaz ever gave any explanation on this. He never said anything about his affair. But still, this pair was popular as Sidnaaz. The two met in Bigg Boss itself and then became an unbreakable friendship. Often on social media, Sidharth used to get down in favor of Shahnawaz to protect him from the trollers. He once said in Bigg Boss, ‘Shehnaaz you are like a cigarette for me, I know you are ruining me… but still, I drink it….’ Sidharth had told in one of his interviews that why did he say this? Actually, Sidharth said that Shahnaz used to fight with him inside the house. He had to convince her the whole time and Siddharth’s mood was off due to Shahnaz’s anger.

Sidharth said that she was the one with whom he used to spend the most time in Bigg Boss house. That’s why he said these lines. Sidharth had said in one of his interviews, I was scared before going to Bigg Boss.

He said that he did not know how he won. Sidharth had said at that time nothing has changed except my popularity. I am as I was before. He said that from the day he signed the show, his target was the Bigg Boss trophy. Sidharth had said, the place of Bigg Boss house is such, which makes you aggressive… you have to stay in the same house and have to talk. He used to say that some things are fiction there….everybody has to show that I have taken a stand…

He had said at that time that he does not get bored even once sitting with Shahnaz.

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