Queen Naija Net Worth: How Rich Is The Singer Actually In 2022?

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As Queen Bulls on American Idol, Queen Naija was first introduced before the public in 2014. She reached the Hollywood round but was cut before she reached the top 30. She returned home to Detroit, worked as a security guard, and became completely focused on establishing her YouTube presence with her spouse, Christopher Sails. The estimated Net Worth of Queen Naija is $4 Million USD.

In 2017, after an infidelity scandal, she had a very public breakup with Sails. Then she began her channel on her own. “Queen Naija” is its mother’s birth name; “Queen” is inspired by her same grandmother, and “Naija” was the name of her father. Her mother is African American, while her dad is from Yemen.

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Full Name Queen Naija Bulls
Birth Date October 17, 1995
Birth Place Detroit
Profession Youtuber and singer
Age 26 years
Net Worth $4 million

Who is Queen Naija?

Queen Naija is a renowned American YouTuber and singer who managed the YouTube channel Chris and Queen and her ex-musical spouse, Christopher Sails. The channel consisted of vlogs, buggies, challenges, and other videos she created of her former husband. Now, the channel is closed and maintains a YouTube eponymous channel.

Naija’s ability to sing, a former contestant of the American Idol, won her fame and popularity and given her a road for her future career. Right after she was dropped from the show, Naija created her YouTube channel.

She showed her outstanding singing skills through her channel and even offered an idea of her vlogging talent. She soon became a feeling on the internet. Her connection with Chris, her marriage, and ultimately her spectacular disruption gained her a huge fan that seemed to increase by the day.

Her recent release, ‘Medicine,’ which explains the circumstances up to her divorce with Chris, gave Naija a new career. The song has become a great hit and won over 56,000 page views from Genius. It got 31st place on the Top Songs ranking of Genius. It also demonstrates how new-year YouTube stars add their drama and films to keep suspects and followers intrigued.

Rise to Stardom

Queen Naija first came to the fore when she challenged American Idol in the eighth season. Although her vocal skills helped her go through the hearing, she could not continue long enough and was eliminated in the Hollywood round during the Top 15 selection. After her ‘Idol’ days, Naija began to concentrate on her YouTube business.

She began an independent channel, where she posted time, music, and makeup-related vlogs for her story. She launched a YouTube channel, ‘Chris and Queen’ together with her partner Chris. The trio released videos of them vlogging, banging, and challenging.

Relationship with Christopher Sails

By taking care of her account, Chris provided her management support. He was also involved in the videos. But their love did not survive long, and the two divisive approaches did not last. The ‘Chris and Queen’ channel has now been closed.

Their divorce became a well-known business. The two laughed at each other with a series of films. On December 31, 2017, Naija channeled her fury through a song called ‘Medicine.’ The song has become an enormous hit with over 13 million followers.

The song’s words show the emotional state of Naija, Chris’s unfaithfulness, and her search for revenge. ‘Medicine’ was especially aimed at creating controversy and at gaining millions of followers.

Personal life

Queen Naija was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on October 17, 1995. Her parents’ information is not available in the public domain. Tina and Terrell have two younger siblings who have Tina & Terrell, a combined YouTube canal.

Although no precise information exists concerning her academic credentials, Naija meets Christopher Sails, her future husband, for the first time at high school. Chris and Naija initially met in April 2013 during the school basketball game. Four years later, in 2017, the couple tied the knot. They have been blessed with a boy named Chris.

They were also YouTube partners, in addition to being real partners. Not only did Chris run the channel, but he was a consistent participant in online videos. His best-known video is titled ‘The Wife’s Cheating.

However, the friendly friendship between Chris and Naija did not continue long. Their highly publicized divorce catapulted both of them into the spotlight again when they utilized their blog post to deal with their relationship problems.

Queen Naija Net Worth & Music Career

Queen Naija released the song “Medicine” after her divorce. In it, she tackled the topic and revealed all the things that fans wanted to know. “‘Medicine’ was essentially produced to validate what happened in my marriage to my YouTube supporters,” she told The Fader at the time. “I told them I would create a song about it instead of talking about it.

“Karma” was an even larger hit: on iTunes Charts, it reached #1 the day it was released. In July 2018, she took advantage of the immediate success of the release of her EP, which sold more than 1million copies and gained RIAA Platinum Certification.

Queen Naija Net worth & Annually Income

The record deal of Queen Naija was rumored to have been worth a few million dollars. However, today, musical activity is often not a successful job for the musician unless they tour, and there is little to do amid a global pandemic. As a result, most revenues from Queen Naija are from YouTube.

Queen Naija makes almost $180,000 annually from commercials on her YouTube video with about 4.6 million viewers. As a result, together with its music projects, its net value is assessed at 4 million dollars.


Pop-R&B singer Queen Naija, known for her candid songwriting and agile vocals, started as a social media sensation, with “Medicine” (2018) as her platinum-selling single. The Queen Naija Bulls, raised in Ypsilanti but now lives in Detroit, began performing in church and creating songs as a child.

Her name was known across the country in her adolescent years, as she participated in numerous seasons of American Idol, including the 13th season in 2014. Her YouTube channel, on which she and her husband produced prank films, made her an internet celebrity after that. Naija kept herself active on social media and turned back to singing when the pair broke up.

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