Nathalie Delon Died: How Did French Actress Die?

Paris.- French actress Nathalie Delon, formerly of fellow actor Alain Delon and known for her role in “Le Samouraï” with her then husband, has died at the age of 79, her son Anthony reported.

“Rest in peace,” said the interpreter on Instagram, where he accompanied his message with a photo hugging his mother.

Nathalie Delon, whose real name was Francine Canovas, was born in August 1941 in the Moroccan city of Uxda, which was then a French protectorate. her mother was from Melilla and her childhood was marked by the absence of her father, who left the family home months after his birth.

The young woman headed to France at age 20 after leaving her first husband, with whom she had her first daughter, Nathalie.

He met Delon by chance in 1962 at a Paris nightclub, when the actor’s fame was booming and he was engaged to fellow actress Romy Schneider, who was already a star thanks to the success of “Sissi”.

The actor ended up leaving Schneider by letter to go with Nathalie and in 1964 their only child in common, Anthony, was born in the United States.

The couple divorced in 1969, but have been close ever since. On January 11, her son also posted on Instagram a photo of both accompanied by the message “unwavering love.”

Nathalie’s cinematographic career was driven by Delon, with whom she shared the screen in “Le Samouraï” (1967), an audience hit signed by Jean-Pierre Melville.

The breakup of the couple did not make her abandon the job and apart from continuing as an actress, with titles such as “Barbe Bleue” or “La leçon particulier”, she directed two films: “Ils appellent ça un accident” (1982) and “Sweet Lies “(1986).

His son Anthony told the French press on Thursday that Nathalie died today in Paris, of a “blazing” cancer.

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