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Let’s get to know this young person, along with information about Livy Renata’s age and school, complete with biodata on IG Instagram, YouTube, height, origin, BA Alter Ego.

Livy Renata is already quite popular with her profession as a Brand Ambassador. Yup, Livy Renata is trusted to be the BA of one of the country’s esports teams, namely Alter Ego . Livy Renata’s name is now widely known not only in the world of esports but also for Indonesian celebrities. It also started with the invitation of Livy Renata on various shows, both on television, and on YouTube.

Now besides being popular as a BA, Livy Renata has also recently been in the spotlight because of her story while working in a cafe. It is known that Livy Renata’s economic background is from a wealthy or wealthy family. So, when Livy Renata’s mother said that her child was spoiled, Livy Renata also proved it by working in a cafe. Uniquely, Livy Renata works in a cafe accompanied by a driver and during breaks orders food at the cafe.

Below will be reviewed some info about Livy Renata’s personal data.

Starting from the current age of Livy Renata, about 19 years. The next information is about Livy Renata’s birth date on March 26, 2002. Continue to school info Livy Renata said that she studied at Bina Bangsa International School. Then there is data about Livy Renata’s origin from the Jakarta area.

Livy Renata herself has the real name, Livia Renata, with the Chinese name Yang Lifei, because her grandmother is from Taiwan.

Lastly, regarding the height information, Livy Renata’s height is around 160-170 cm.

The problem is when side by side with Ivan Gunawan in a photo on her IG, Livy Renata looks like Igun’s shoulder.

The following is the biodata profile of Livy Renata Alter Ego BA AE:

Real name: Livia Renata

Date of Birth: March 26, 2002

Age: 19 Years

Origin: Jakarta

Height: about 160-170 cm

Occupation: TikToker, Celebrity, Model, Brand Ambassador

IG Instagram: @livyrenata

TikTok: @livyrenata

YouTube: Livy Renata

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