Justin Bieber’s Paralyzed Face, And Does Not Hear In One Ear

The singer is known worldwide as Justin Bieber updated on his social networks that he will postpone his tour due to a rare disease that paralyzed half his face. Specialists point out that it is Ramsay Hunt syndrome, and here we tell you what this pathology is about.

For Bieber, the discomfort began with a virus in his ear for which he subsequently began to have paralysis. The syndrome is caused by the same agent that causes chickenpox in people and occurs because the microorganism does not die after the patient overcomes the disease and remains inactive in the body.

This causes affections in the carrier decades later, in fact, this disease is seen in people 60 years of age or older, although there are also cases like that of the singer; and when reactivated, it creates an outbreak of herpes zoster or “shingles” that begins to affect the facial nerve that is located near one ear.

According to specialists in the United States such as the Mayo Clinic, the cause of this discomfort is unknown, but the effects are facial paralysis and hearing loss in the affected ear. This disease must be treated in time by a specialist because if it is not done, the person could be at risk of permanently losing hearing or suffering eye damage and postherpetic neuralgia.

Other effects that the person has been ringing in the ears known as tinnitus, difficulty closing one eye, vertigo, dry mouth and eyes, and loss of taste. The Ramsay Hunt syndrome that Justin Bieber suffers from is not contagious; however, it is recommended that patients not have contact with people who have never had chickenpox or who have not been vaccinated against the disease.

The treatment to follow for the singer and all the people who suffer from the virus is based on antiviral drugs, corticosteroids, anti-anxiety drugs, and painkillers.

This disease is rarely seen because children are usually already vaccinated against chickenpox, and adults can have a shingles vaccine. Now the only thing left for Justin Bieber is to recover so he can resume his tour.

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