Joji Net Worth in 2021

The most googled question is what is Joji net worth 2021. By his stage name Joji and formerly online name Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, George Kusunoki Miller is a Japanese singer, songwriter, comedian, author, and former YouTuber. As of 2021, Joji’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $9 million.

Before 2013 George Miller — called Joji was known as a popular comic YouTube personality called Filthy Frank. In2013, his shockingly viral dance trend “Harlem Shake” dressed in a pink bodysuit rile up the internet.

Childhood and Early Life:

Joji was born in Osaka, Japan. He was born on September 18, 1992. Joji’s parents are from different backgrounds. His mother is Japanese, and his father is from Australia. Joji spent his childhood in Japan.

In his teenage (at the age of 18years), he moved to the United States and had his education in Brooklyn. As his father and mother were from different countries, Joji frequently travels to the outside and can speak Japanese fluently.


Full name George Kusunoki Miller
Nick mane Joji
Date of birth September 18, 1993
Birth sign Virgo
Net Worth $9 million
Birth-place Osaka, Japan
Residence United States
Age 28
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Comedian, Rapper
Education New York Institute of Technology

Personal look and measurements

Height 5’5″, 170 cms
Weight 156 lbs, 71 kgs
Body-color Brown
Hair color  Black
Eye color Black
Body measurements Chest (42 in), waist (32 in)

How Did Joji His Name?

George Kusunoki Miller is Singer also called Filthy Frank a Pink Guy. He started his education in Kobe, Japan, at Canadian Academy, which was an international school. He is also part of the New York Institute of Technology.

Joji is the stage name of George that he adopted in the year 2017. He released two singles called Thom and you suck Charlie secretly. He announced his projects later on publicly.

Joji net worth and Professional Career:

Joji started his career as an entertainer, and it was his big break on YouTube. He played a caricature of himself. Joji never had in mind professional music as a career throughout. He had several YouTube channels that are currently not activated. To maintain his privacy, he deleted several videos where he disclosed he is a Brooklyn student.

As a YouTuber, Joji starts creating caricatures based on comedy content on different channels. His channels are TVFilthyFrank, AussiAsianBoyz. He then started a show on shock humor. The title of the show was The Filthy Frank Show. His channels have a large fan following of 6 million.

He gets fame as a Pink Guy to produce hip-hop music which was in the comedy genre. These videos made him a popular figure. He focused on music as a career in 2017 and then retired from the channel.

Joji Net Worth
Joji /photo

Why is Joji so Famous:

His Youtube Channel makes him famous initially. He is internationally recognized for the “Harlem Shake” dance. Joji created his first youtube channel in late 2000 named “Dizasta Music” and a viral “Filthy Frank” character.

He owns a website to showcase his content correctly. He called himself anti-pc, anti-couth, and anti-social to fame himself as a celebrity.

Music is a significant part of his popularity which he created in the past decade. He also began directing, acting, and producing many television projects. He was a director of two films, i.e., E.T. 2 and Filthy Frank.

Joji net worth

Joji, the Japanese singer, and author have a net worth of $9 million as of 2021. He has started as an internet personality as YouTuber. Now he is focusing on releasing his songs as his music career kicked off.

How much does Joji make annually?

At the same time, Joji is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and YouTube personality. A multi-directional talent makes his earnings annually very much attractive.

  • Yearly Income: $1 million
  • Monthly Income: $83.34 thousand

Even Before his youtube career Joji always had a passion for music. He released his debut single titled “Will He.” “BALLADS 1” is his debut studio album in October 2018, famed on several music charts and critical success worldwide. He earned certificates in both U.S. and The U.K. and received nearly $100,000 in total. RIAA has given him the gold certification and won $1,500.

Joji Net Worth 2021
Joji /photo


Unfortunately, Joji is unable to win any awards for his work in different categories. However, if we look at the increasing number of followers, hopefully, he will win awards soon.

Critics about Joji’s Career:

A Media Company Complained his DizastaMusic video uploaded in 2104 was copyright due to its music. In this video, filthy Frank reveals he had a significant brain issue that seizures the viewers.

He argued that his slow dancing performance in the show is due to his brain condition. His critics blamed him that Filthy Frank used his issues like health to gain publicity. He was also criticized due to his vulgar-sounding phrases. Most of the videos posted on YouTube ended with the phrase “Let us get some pussy tonight.”

Interesting Facts:

  • Pink Guy most is most comical music boosts his career.
  • Joji stopped the Filthy Frank show by announcing that he had severe health issues. He revealed it in an interview on BBC Radio 1 and his Twitter account.
  • He indulges many controversies due to his content in shows which create many internet memes.
  • His every show had a significant impact on the internet culture.
  • His music is referred to as trip-hop and lo-fi.


Where does Joji Live Now?

Joji appears to be single and lived in San Francisco. House name Teriyaki is located at 1919 Union St, San Francisco.

Who Is Joji Girlfriend?

Privately might be his is dating someone. In the past, Joji has been dated to model Lily May Mac.

Which Car Joji drive?

Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo 1991-1993 is the car that Joji drives, and it is painted pink.


Filthy Frank is an icon for youngsters, especially students who want to demonstrate their skills, but they don’t get the chance yet. His passion helps him grow up gradually and get a place in the list of famous people worldwide.

Filthy Frank has proved that the internet is the plate form where your innovative ideas and snazzy content get popularity and gain a large fan following.

Filthy Frank, as a popular figure, called himself anti-social and anti-couth.

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