Jack Hartmann Net Worth: How Rich Is The YouTuber Actually?

Jack Hartmann is one of the finest and rising names in the era of music. Jack has marked his name in the history of chords and notes and reached over 10,700 followers. We have collected all the information about Jack Hartmann net worth, personal life, educational background, net worth, and much more.

Jack Hartmann Net Worth

Jack Hartmann is a famous American YouTuber, Pop Singer, and Musician. He is also known as the sovereign of Music Royalty because he earns money through YouTube Ad Revenue and Brand Deals. He has also done many past jobs, contributing to his overall wealth. According to updates, the net worth of Jack Hartmann in 2022 is $4 Million.

Moreover, his annual income is around $700k. According to Instagram Sponsorship, the advertisers pay a certain amount for the post-Jack Hartmann makes. He has more than 10,700 followers, so considering Jack’s latest 15 posts, his average engagement rate of followers is 2.40%. He earns between $68.25 – $113.75 from sponsorships and teams. Moreover, Jack Hartmann has more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, averaging 1,615,110 views daily. He earns an estimated $145,400 – $2.3 million in a year.

YouTube Career

Jack Hartmann started his YouTube channel in 2010. Jack uploaded all his songs approved by R.G. and named his channel ” Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel.” He uploads fun and music content for kids, followed by educational videos. He has an excellent command of counting, numbers, language skills, nursery rhymes, and science and technology. Jack has more than 3 million subscribers and uploaded more than 1380 videos on his YouTube channel, which is quite impressive.

Jack Hartmann
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Early Life of Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann, of white descent, was born in the United States on March 2, 1950. Jack Hartmann has been very passionate about teaching since childhood. He never mentioned his parents, but in an interview, when the host asked about the nature of his parents, he replied that his parents always cared for and loved him. They always met everything related to Jack so he could achieve what he wanted. Simply put, Jack’s parents played a vital role in his progress.

Education of Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann was very dedicated to his education and had a good reputation in his higher and elementary schools. Jack Hartmann has completed his B.A. in Child Psychology from the University of Florida in Gainesville. After that, he paused his education for some time due to personal reasons. When he returned, he completed his M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology from Assumption College in Worcester, MA. Jack Hartmann fulfilled all his accomplishments and became a well-educated person.

About Jack Hartmann’s Songs

Jack Hartmann has always written songs that are full of fun and love. He always selects those songs in which there is a theme of children’s educational background. His music is research-based and always focuses on helping children learn the morals, ethics, and principles of society, critical state, and national and early childhood standards. Jack Hartmann’s songs and videos always engage students for their bright future. Every child deserves an excellent education. His videos have commendable educational content with some cool beats, tones, and sounds for kids to love and have fun with.

Most popular Video Songs

Jack Hartmann has a variety of songs that are pretty famous among everyone. But his most popular songs are listed below:

  • Super Fun Learning Songs

This album brings super fun for children to learn their topics because the album focuses on many educational issues such as:
Counting to 100

  • Brain Breaks
  • Letter Sounds
  • Positive Classroom behavior
  • Learning Colors
  • Starting the Day and movement songs
  • Compound words
  • Community Helpers
  • Alphabet Recognition
  • Rhyming
  • Physical Fitness
  • Freeze Dance
  • Self-esteem
  • Creative Movement
  • Patterning

Movin’ 2 Math CD

This album makes the children fit in the counting to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, and 5’s. It develops basic skills in numbers from 1 to 100. The best part of this album is that it spreads awareness of shapes and spatial concepts, left and right sides, and comparison of greater and lesser numbers. It also enhances calendar skills and helps children to learn about days and weeks. It also leads the children to:

  • Clap and count Syllables
  • Strengthen their prediction and probability skills
  • Parts of body
  • Identifying time
  • Basic Addition and Subtraction
  • Common Math Problems
  • Highlighting celebrations for Halloween and Mother’s day

Get on Board the Transition Train

It is based on movement songs that will help children to enjoy singing and dancing while counting, learning the letters, and rhyming the poems. These songs are ideal for the whole classroom. These songs are practical and essential for students’ brains and make them energetic mentally and physically. Moreover, they are responsible for smooth, positive, and fun transitions. The students will know what to do when they hear the following:

  • Together at School
  • Penguin Dance Chant
  • Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
  • Cleanup Vacuum Cleaner
  • Walk-in Line Rhyme
  • Here’s What you will do and will not do when you use the Bathroom
  • Peanut the Pig’s Teamwork Cleanup
  • Step-by-step Listening Fun
  • Zero the Hero Exercise and CountExercise, Rhyme, and Freeze

The career of Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann started his career at Shands Teaching Hospital with neurodiverse children. He also worked in St. Petersburg, Florida as a social worker for youth. Jack has a remarkable career because his outstanding performance has served himself by providing all the services to children who have autism. He was also a social worker and a psychiatrist at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jack Hartmann has attended many teacher workshops and participated in many conferences to show his artistic music in every state in the United States. He has always been a leader of all the seminars at NAEYC, National Head Start, and S.D.E. conferences. These conferences of local and state preschool, kindergarten, and 1st Grade are held throughout the country and prove very successful.

Awards of Jack Hartmann

Due to Jack Hartmann’s excellent services, he received one of the highest alum awards from the University of Florida in 2011. He has written 1,500 songs for children worldwide that are widely used in schools and homes. For this reason, he has won the Distinguished Alumni Award for Lifetime Achievement. His album “Brain Breaks” received the Parent’s Choice Award in 2015.

Jack Hartmann.s Wife

Jack Hartmann’s Wife and Relationship

Jack Hartmann loves to teach mathematics to kids. He is a famous singer as well as a teacher. Jack never fails to impress and grab a lot of attention from his audience worldwide. He married his wife named, Lisa, on March 27, 1983. Lisa Hartmann is also a kindergarten teacher at Pinellas Country Schools. Both partners have a career in educational fields and love their jobs. That is why the couple seems to be very happy together. They have two children, a boy named Axel Hartmann and a girl named Lauren Hartmann.

Jack always talks about his wife in interviews because she inspires him. Jack and Lisa and their staff work day and night to bring energetic, enthusiastic, and great children’s music. They put smiles on a lot of faces of young and youthful boys and girls all over the world.
Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Jack Hartmann is 5 feet 5 inches, approximately 1.65m. He has beautiful looks with beautiful black eyes and light brown hair.

Social Media Accounts

  • Jack Hartmann is quite famous and has a massive fan following on all his Social Media Accounts.
  • His Facebook account (@hop2itmusic) has 60k followers.
  • His Instagram account (@jackhartmannkmc) has 11.7k followers.
  • His Twitter account (@Jack_Hartmann) has 3.4k followers.
  • His YouTube channel ( Jack Hartmann) has 3.8 million subscribers.
  • Jack Hartmann’s Worth and Monthly Earnings

Facts about Jack Hartmann

  • Jack Hartmann celebrated his birthday on March 2, 1950.
  • He is 71 years old.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • He started his career in children’s music.
  • He worked at Shands Teaching Hospital for autistic children.


What is Jack Hartmann’s birthdate?

He was born on March 2, 1950.

What is Jack Hartmann’s age?

He is 72 years old as of March 2022.

What is Jack Hartmann’s height?

What is Jack Hartmann’s height?

Who is Jack Hartmann’s Wife?

Lisa Hartmann, the former kindergarten teacher, is the wife of Jack Hartmann.

What is Jack Hartmann’s Net worth?

Jack Hartmann’s net worth is $4 million.


Jack Hartmann has never been in a piece of bad news. He always spreads positivity and love. He has done many great works and fulfilled many responsibilities, which led him to a great future and marked his name in Lifetime Achievements.

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