‘Hustler’ Founder Larry Flynt Dies At 78

In 1974 he launched the magazine “Hustler”, which brought him several legal problems in the US.

Known for the pornographic empire he created in the publishing world, Larry Flynt died this morning at the age of 78 in Los Angeles of heart failure

The controversial publisher was one of the most important men in the adult entertainment industry after launching “Hustler” magazine in 1974, through which he gained widespread popularity and several legal problems, according to TMZ. 

Following an assassination attempt at the hands of Joseph Paul Franklin, the publisher was paralyzed from the waist down four years after he created his publication, which caused him to wage battles that remained as material to be addressed in the film “The People vs. Larry Flynt, “which starred Woody Harrelson and earned an Oscar nomination

Flynt repeatedly clashed with religious men and was once sued by Jerry Falwell, whose case reached the United States Supreme Court

In later years Larry was president of Larry Flyn Publications, which in addition to creating other publications also produced pornographic videos and the Hustler TV channel.

Larry Flynt entered politics and in 1984 he had a brief presidential career, in addition to running for governor of California.


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