How Did Paulo Vaz Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

On social media, politicians mourned the death of the influencer. He was one of the few transgender men who worked in the police.

Civil police officer Paulo Vaz, 36, died on Monday night (14), according to the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra). Paulo became known for being one of the few transgender men who worked in the police.

“We just found out that @popo_vaz left us. Unfortunately, we lost another one of us who couldn’t stand to continue in such a violent and inhuman society. Thank you for everything! We will continue in mourning, in the fight. It’s not time to speculate about Paulo’s death. Respect the pain of those who lost a friend, husband, son, and brother. It’s time to silence and reflect. We need to think of ways to build a world where people want to live”, said the association on a social network.

Paulo Vaz was married to youtuber Pedro HMC , creator of the Põe na Roda channel. There is still no further information about her death.

Paulo Vaz was one of the security agents who used social media to support military police officer Leandro Prior, the PM who was the target of homophobic attacks for appearing in a video in uniform kissing another man on the mouth in the São Paulo Metro in 2018. married to youtuber PedroHMC.

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He was a Civil Police investigator in April 2018, in the Greater São Paulo region. In 2018, he gave an interview to g1 about the importance of supporting and inspiring more trans men to enter the police career. “I thought I would encounter many barriers, but I was quite happy and surprised with the reception of my colleagues from the beginning. I already knew that there is a difference between the Military Police and Civil Police institutions, but I was quite surprised”.

“I started the harmonization process, which is taking testosterone, two years ago. There are some ways to take testosterone, in the form of gel, ointment, oral, and injected. The body needs a peak of testosterone to masculinize. injected because it makes a difference faster. Beard characteristics begin to appear, voice changes. And I also had breast removal surgery”, he said at the time.

On social media, politicians mourned the policeman’s death. “With great sadness, I received the news of the departure of dear Popó Vaz. Activist and transsexual influencer, he made a decisive contribution to the LGBT fight against all forms of prejudice. My hugs to family and friends. May God comforts us”, said Senator Fabiano Contact (PT).

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Councilor Erika Hilton (PSOL) also commented on the influencer’s death. “I have just received the news of the death of Paulo Vaz and I am devastated. He was very dear and it is a sadness that he has left us. I wish a lot of strength and solidarity for the whole family and everyone at this moment”.

The causes of death were not reported.

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