How Did Mira Calix Die? Death Cause, Obituary, Hubby, & Funeral

Electronic music creator Mira Calix, real name Chantal Passamonte, has died at the age of 52.

The news of her death was announced by the record company Warp Records, which report devastatedly the loss of the important musician. “Mira Calix was not only an extremely talented artist and composer, but she was also a beautiful, affectionate person who touched the lives of all those who had the honor of working with her,” they wrote in a statement on social media.

Terrible news reached us today. WARP artist Mira Calix died unexpectedly.

The 52-year-old South African moved to London in the early 1990s before taking a job as a press officer at Warp Records (then in Sheffield). Among other things, she promoted the Telepathic Fish parties. Since then she has had several releases on Warp Records.

Her husband is Sean Booth from the popular band Autechre. The circumstances of her death are still unclear.

Her label Warp Records has said:

We are devastated by the passing of our dear Mira Calix (née Chantal Passamonte).

Mira was not only an extremely talented artist and composer but also a wonderful, caring person who touched the lives of all who had the honor of working with her.

Mira has been an important part of the Warp family and history as she was one of the first female artists to be signed to the label and released six albums from one on one in 2000 to absent origin in 2021 published. We are so proud of their immense creative output; her artwork, videos, and music accurately reflect what an innovative, groundbreaking, and wonderful soul she was.

She has pushed the boundaries between electronic music, classical music, and art in a truly unique way. She will be greatly missed by all label staff and artists.

Mira Calix health issues:

Mira Calix was facing health issues, or Mira Calix might not be facing any health issues at the time of death. Moreover, she looked absolutely healthy as a person before she died or she might have kept her health issues private

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