How Did Joseph Wandera Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Joseph Wandera, 27, died after falling ill at a party. The actor was Featured on the British soap “Coronation Street”. Joseph Wandera was on vacation in Costa Rica. Although the disclosure was made on Thursday, February 24, by the Daily Star, since January 16, there has been an investigation to define the real cause that led to his death.

Joe, as he was called, was with friends enjoying the club and contacted his girlfriend when he began to realize that something was wrong: “Joseph called his girlfriend and explained that he wasn’t feeling well. He had lost sight in one eye and sensation in the left side of his body. He contacted a friend who picked him up and took him back to their apartment. Joseph went to sleep on the couch,” police officer Kathy Dixon explained.

A few hours later, the artist had a seizure and couldn’t resist: “The friend found Joseph on the couch having a seizure. Doctors were called but were unable to revive him and he sadly passed away.”

In March of last year, Johnny Briggs, another “Coronation Street” actor, died at the age of 85 in London. According to the tabloid The Sun, he was surrounded by his family. The cause was not reported.

Born in Manchester, England, Joe Wandera began his career in theater in 2012 and was soon on TV, in the series “Scott & Bailey” (2014) and “Moving On” (2016). In the traditional British soap opera “Coronation Street”, he acted in 2018.

In 2020, Joe played his last role in the series “Tin Star” as the hotel receptionist.

The actor was famous for his role in Coronation Street in 2018. While having a chit-chat session the actor said “They’ll be more to come this year.” Well, but god have some other plans for him.

Fans and his loved one’s have flooded the social media with heartwarming tributes. He’s said to be a gift for his loved one’s. He was a ray of sunshine for the people around him. Indeed your smile will be missed. Rest In Peace Dear!

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