How Did Adam Barnard Die? What Was His Cause Of Death?

Former South African based vocal quartet, Romanz singer Adam Barnard passed away.

On 30 April, Barnard faced a period of prolonged unconsciousness brought on by his kidney disease. Moreover, he had that long sleep for almost six days.

Mrs. Adam Barnard called Almitra Barnard and announced his death in a statement.

“Adam left for his heavenly home early this morning where he can finally be pain-free and sing and run again. Thank you to everyone who carried us in prayer and still will. The world’s prayers surround us, and that’s what we need now.”

Adam Barnard was not unconscious at first. But later, his condition got worst. However, his wife said we rushed to the hospital due to an infection buildup. But later, he was shifted to the ventilator and did not recover.

Moreover, Adam Barnard had a very deep medical history related to his kidney issues. He has been facing kidney issues since his birth or from his childhood.

According to our reports, Adam Barnard was about to have his kidney transplant back in 2017. But unfortunately, the doner met a sudden car crash and died before reaching the hospital. Well, the doner was her mother. Sadly, he lost his mother in that dreadful car accident.

His loved ones and fans worldwide have loaded various social media platforms, including Twitter, with condolence messages.

Many people remembered him as an inspiration; the realkashmed praises Adam Barnard as his motivation in her weight loss journey. She calls him by the most respectable words possible.

Cause Of Death:

Adam Barnard cause of death revealed. Former Romanz singer passed away due to kidney disease. He stayed in the hospital for six days, and at last, he was shifted to the ventilator due to the infection, which at first did not bought him enough pain, but after a few days, it caught its speed and made the singer lose his breath.

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