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Who is he and what is Davie504’s Net Worth?

Davie504 Net Worth: Davie504 is an Italian YouTuber and musician who stays in the United Kingdom. His name is Davide Biale, but everyone knows him under the pseudonym of Davie504. He has an estimated net worth of $3.6 million. He was born in Savona (Italian commune) on 04/05/1994.

Name Davide Biale
Age 28 Years Old
Birthday April 5, 1994
Sex Male
Nationality Italian
YouTuber, Television producer
Net worth $3.6 million
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend/ Fiance Drungayu
Youtube Davie504

Twenty-seven-year-old, from Liguria (from the province of Savona, to be exact), behind him a diploma as an electronic expert and to date the protagonist of one of the most followed YouTube channels dedicated to electric bass.

Born as a hobby, his homemade videos soon became one of YouTube’s revelations: 1.4 billion views overall and 9.24M subscribers to the channel. Just to make a comparison, Vasco Rossi’s official channel stops at 170 thousand.

For Davie, music is not just a passion, but – thanks to the partnership with YouTube – a real full-time job. We had the secrets of the trade explained to us by himself.

Davie504 Net Worth
Davie504 /Photo/instagram

You are completely self-taught, right? How and when did you start playing bass? What drove you?

I started playing bass in 2009, after seeing a video of a Kiss concert. The bassist, Gene Simmons, impressed me a lot and made me discover this instrument. I started taking some lessons, mainly to learn the right-hand setting and a little bit of music theory, but as far as the various techniques are concerned, I learned everything by myself, as a self-taught.

Are there some bass players in particular that you think have influenced your style the most? If so, which ones?

The first bass player I “came across” was Gene Simmons of Kiss. Later I discovered Flea, Marcus Miller, Mark King, Victor Wooten, Larry Graham, and many others.

Even today there is not much knowledge of the electric bass as an instrument (from the series: ” beautiful your guitar! “). In your opinion, however, what is special about bass compared to other instruments?

Too many people think the bass isn’t an important instrument, but they’re wrong! What I try to demonstrate with my videos is that the bass is one of the most complete instruments around: you can play rhythmic parts (using the slap technique), you can play chords, you can do melodic solos and it is, above all, the soul of every song.

Davie504 Net Worth
Davie504 /Photo

What is your equipment?

Basses: Fender Jazz Bass Classic 60 ‘Series made in Mexico, Fleabass, Chowny CHB-1

Guitars: a Roytek electric and a Gretsch acoustic

Synth: Korg Microkorg Synthesizer/ Vocoder

Amps: GK MB115, Hartke A35

Pedals: MXR Bass compressor & Aguilar Tone Hamme (the ones I use most often)

Sound Card: Motu Audio Express

Computer: Macbook Pro 13 ‘

Software: Pro Tools 10, Final Cut

How do you record your songs? Are the backing tracks also entirely made by you?

I start playing a little bit randomly until I find something that might be fine. After that, I create a very simple base and start recording the piece with an external sound card. Then I complete the backing track by adding percussion, piano, and other instruments and then I move on to the mixing/mastering phase. I make it all!

On average one video per week and a lot of interaction with users: how much time do you spend on average on YouTube?

I spend practically all the time I have on YouTube, it’s like a full-time job now and I really like it!

Anything in your pocket? Do you have a partnership with YouTube?

Yes, I have a partnership with a YouTube network (Divimove).

Have you ever received job offers via YouTube?

I’ve collaborated a couple of times with some companies in the music industry, but only for a few videos, nothing lasting.

Have you ever thought about the five strings?

Yes, they intrigue me a lot, I really think I’ll get a five-string bass as soon as I get the chance!

Your videos are proof that music can also live in a “social” dimension. Any key tips to keep in mind to make videos as effective as yours?

To make effective videos – of whatever type they are – the audio quality is very important, which must be very high, then if you want to record the electric bass it is even more important. The video quality must also be very good, of course.

Another piece of advice I can give, if you want to create music videos, is to make them not too long, 1-2 minutes, in order to keep the listener’s attention always high enough in each video.

Would you like music to become your profession?

It already is and it will be forever!

Do you have any particular ideas or projects for the future?

I will be moving to London shortly to study music production and sound engineering, but I will always continue to post videos on YouTube!

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