Concha Márquez Piquer Dies At 75

Daughter of the legendary Concha Piquer and the bullfighter Antonio Márquez, the tonadillera died at the age of 75 due to a lung condition

Concha Piquer’s daughter had been hospitalized for more than a month for a respiratory infection.

Mourning, silence, and pain in the song for the death of Concha Márquez Piquer. Daughter of Doña Concha Piquer and a worthy heir to her talent, the singer and actress died this Monday in Madrid at the age of 75 at the Quirón clinic. “My life has gone,” her second husband, the actor Ramiro Oliveros, cried, who warned months ago of the delicate health of the tonadillera. Admitted for respiratory disease, she would have died of a lung infection, as announced by Carmen Borrego in the program ‘Sálvame’.

Married very young to Curro Romero, she was perhaps more famous for her sentimental and marital swings than for a career as a singer, with many ups and downs, which she left idling many years ago, moving away from tablaos, studios, and sets.

Born on December 31, 1945, in Buenos Aires, Conchita was sponsored by Evita Perón herself. Educated in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, England, and Switzerland, she studied ballet and drama.

From a young age, she followed in the footsteps of her mother. She made her debut as a singer at the age of 24 at a charity festival at Madrid’s Calderón theater in 1969. «My mother was in a box. I was so nervous that my aunt had to push me to get out, “she said. A year later she appeared at the Teatro de la Zarzuela with a recital of twenty songs and an orchestra of thirty-five musicians. She devoted himself to the copla, a genre of which she wanted to be one of its greatest exponents.

She was only 17 years old when she married another renowned bullfighter, Curro Romero, the so-called Faraón de Camas, and her boyfriend since Conchita was 13 years old. Her mother was “very excited” about her career, unlike Romero. “When I was getting married, I wanted to be an actress. She had signed four films, but the bullfighter told me that if I followed the artistic path she would not marry me. I gave up everything for love. I got married very much in love. She was a very good man, but with a genius, “she explained.

The death of her daughter

The couple had two daughters, Coral and Conchitín. The tragic death of Coral, who died in a traffic accident in November 1986 at the age of 19, marked the life of her mother. Young Coral had released a record before the fatal accident. «It was a blow. It took me a long time to recover. I didn’t want to see anyone and took refuge in a friend’s house in London. It was terrible. I remember her all the time and sometimes I call her sisters Coral “, the singer acknowledged.

She separated from the Sevillian right-hander in 1979 and obtained a divorce three years later thanks to a law promoted by Francisco Fernández Ordóñez. But Concha never consented to the ecclesiastical nullity of her marriage to Romero, so they were husband and wife in the eyes of the Church forever. Hence, Carmen Tello, Romero’s second wife, could not go through the altar to marry the now ex-matador.

The actress then married in civil matters with the actor Ramiro Oliveros, one of the great gallants of cinema, theater, and television in the last third of the last century and with whom she was going to celebrate forty years of a happy life as a couple. “I had never liked him because I saw him stretched out and unfriendly, but she insisted so much that I said yes,” confessed the singer who would be the father of Iris, her third daughter.

In 2001 she offered a series of concerts with verses by the teachers Quintero, León, and Quiroga, and took part in ‘Los Grandes de la Copla’, by TVE, interpreting two songs that her mother made famously, ‘Cinco Farolas’ and ‘Me embrujaste’ . In 2006, one hundred years after the birth of La Piquer, her daughter released an album singing a duet with her. «It was a madrassa. There were two Shells: the one from home and the one that came out on stage with the packaging of an empress ». In 2017 she published her autobiography, ‘Myself’.

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