American Entertainer Sandie Crisp Dies At 61

The transgender woman lost her life due to polio and in 2007 became known worldwide for her appearance in this video

California.- Sandra ‘Sandie’ Crisp, the American transgender woman who in 2007 became one of the first viral phenomena on the internet for her appearance in the disturbing video of ‘ Obey the Walrus ‘, has lost her life at 61 years old after fighting for decades against polio.

What is ‘ Obey the Walrus ‘?

Chrisp, who was also known as The Goddess Bunny, was very popular for her participation in independent underground-style films.

However, on October 5, 2007, when the global internet began to have its first viral videos, Chrisp appeared with a video that disturbed millions.

The YouTube user ‘ObeyDaWarlus’ uploaded a material that shows the transgender woman with various visual and sound effects that make all viewers on edge.

Many speculate that the video contained subliminal material and even that it had a very dark undertone, however, it was only segments of a documentary recounting the life of Sandie Chrisp.

Express their pain

Sandra Crisp was gaining friendships from well-known celebrities during her life and one of them was Lana del Rey who shared an emotional message for ‘ The Goddess Bunny ‘

“You meant everything to my sister and Huntes, that’s why you meant a lot to me. Thank you for bringing so much joy to their lives,” She wrote on her Instagram account accompanied by a photograph.

It was also reported that the GoFoundMe platform, people close to the deceased actress have asked for donations to carry out their funeral services.

“Sandie’s final years were placed in a living situation that we could hardly call ‘living.’ The placement in an assisted living home, paid for by the state, in a small room with insect problems. We are sorry if she couldn’t living in a palace here on earth, I hope we can give him a kingdom to immortalize her spirit forever, “they wrote.

In addition to ‘ Obey the Walrus ‘, Sandra also had participation in music videos of Marilyn Manson and Cypress Hill .

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