Meteor Shower, The First Of The Tear, Don’t Miss It!

The night sky will be illuminated by about 90 shooting stars per hour, which can be seen with the naked eye. According to specialists in space phenomena, this event will be one of the best astronomical events throughout 2021.

The last show that the Earth gave last year, exactly two weeks ago, was the conjunction of two titanic planets (Jútiper and Saturn), which formed the much-valued star of Bethlehem, which illuminated the entire Earth in a catastrophic year by Covid -19.

Now, the next astronomical phenomenon will be the Quadrantid Meteor Shower, which specifically consists of a meteor shower and larger asteroid debris, as well as space rocks and tiny particles.

This will be the first space phenomenon that will take place in 2021, considered by NASA as one of the best meteor showers of the year, which can be observed from anywhere on Earth, without the need for telescopes and other special visualization tools.

According to the space agency, this meteor shower differs in that its origin is not based on the dust generated by comets, so this particularity will allow us to observe approximately 90 shooting stars per hour.

Anyway, in previous years, more than 200 stars were seen every 60 minutes. This is because the Moon is waning, which means that it is visible in 80% of its entirety and prevents the rain from being fully seen.

Although the phenomenon began in the last week of December, it is in the first days of 2021 when it will reach its maximum splendor and its point of greatest visibility, on the nights of this Saturday, January 2, and Sunday, 3.

The Quadrantids are always seen at the beginning of the year, in the month of January, when the Earth passes through the path of asteroid 2003 EH1  as it revolves around the Sun.

Thus, our planet moves through the debris left by the asteroid and, when it collides with our atmosphere, it burns and emits wonderful light that leaves us perplexed.

How and when to see the Meteor Shower of the Quadrantids?

To be able to see the meteor shower, you must be attentive this Saturday. It can also be seen until the night of January 12. However, the maximum experience, as its luminosity will take place this weekend.

To see the meteor shower, in principle, it is best to get away from the light pollution of the city and, although you do not need a telescope, it is a good option to choose a large space without obstacles to your vision.

On the other hand, specialists recommend going to dark places a little earlier, since the view gets used to the darkness of the area and you can enjoy the star show more.

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