Venezuelan Politician Pedro Bastidas Dies Of COVID-19

The mayor of Maracay, Pedro Bastidasdied this Monday, April 19 from the new coronavirus disease.

Bastidas, who served for the third consecutive term as mayor of the Girardot municipality, died in the afternoon, said Aragua state governor Rodolfo Marco Torres .

“With deep pain we regret the physical departure of our mayor Pedro Bastidas; We will always remember the great companion, brother, fighter who was always at the side of the town of Girardot. Our heartfelt words of condolences to their families. Honor and glory! ”, The regional president wrote late on Monday night.

Bastidas is the third mayor of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) to die from the SARS-CoV-2 virus disease so far this year. The first was that of the Pampán municipality in Trujillo state, Stalin Nava , who died on Monday, January 18.

The second, also in Trujillo, was the mayor of the Boconó municipality, Luis Hidalgo , on February 18.

Mayor of Maracay since 2008

Bastidas became the Mayor of Girardot in 2008, after having been a deputy of the Regional Legislative Council of Aragua state (2004-2008). He succeeded the Chavista mayor, Humberto Prieto, in office.

His victory came by just 151 votes against his rival from the Primero Justicia party, opposition leader Richard Mardo.

In 2013 he was reelected for a second term and in the 2017 elections, in which the majority of the opposition that was represented in the 2015 National Assembly did not participate, he was reelected for a third term.

Bastidas was born on January 17, 1976, he was 45 years old. He was an agricultural technician. degree in administration of material and financial resources, and superior technician in marketing.

Despite the fact that his Twitter account remained active and the regional media cited announcements from the mayor about the start of a series of works for this Tuesday, at the end of the afternoon his death was confirmed.

Other mayors of Chavismo have also died from COVID-19, such as José Gregorio Guevara , mayor of the Achaguas municipality of Apure state, who died on Saturday, August 29, 2020.

In July of last year the death of the then head of government of the Capital District, Darío Vivas , also occurred, who was also a member of the national leadership of the Psuv.

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