Singer Jesus Teran “Chavin” Died From Covid-19

The singer, through a video, asked the governor of Zulia and the mayor of Maracaibo to help him with treatment. On December 25 he was transferred to the University Hospital where he died

Zulia.- The renowned Zulian piper Jesus Teran «Chavin» died of COVID-19 on the morning of this Saturday, January 2, 2021. Since last December 25, he was at the University Hospital of Maracaibo.

On December 23, he sent two videos from the emergency of a private clinic in which he asked the governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto, and the mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, for support to help him pay for expenses and treatment. On December 25, both leaders reported that they had transferred him to the University Hospital and two days later it was learned that he was in the Intensive Care Unit.

” Galloping Venezuela ” was one of the most emblematic songs he performed. The lyrics of Rincón Morales allowed Chavín to take a walk through the country with a bagpipe that shows the benefits of this land.

“More than announcer, entertainer, radio and television producer, and singer-songwriter, Chavin was in love with Venezuela. We grew up hearing his voice on the radio with his ‘Milking Concert’. I loved his bagpipes with Rincón Morales: Grito Guerrero, Piper Passion, Galloping Venezuela, and his successes with Cardenales. Raja Creole, Zulian tattoo, Our things, Smells like Christmas, Taste of Christmas or with Venezuela he speaks bagpipes and Maracaiberas routes ”, this is how the journalist and specialist in pipers issues, Moraima Gutierrez, comments.

Remember that he shared a booth with Terán on the Radio Calendar station in the program: Gaiteando con Moraima y Chavín. «The first day I was broadcast on Radio Selecta in 1984, he called me without knowing me to congratulate me and say: ‘You have a melodious and polite voice. Welcome to Zulia radio ‘».

On September 20, 1995, at the Maiquetia International Airport facilities, it was a difficult day for Chavín because he suffered a cerebrovascular accident that compromised his motor skills and even his speech. He did therapy, he recovered and years later he returned to the stage.

The Governor Omar Prieto reported on the news of the death of the zuliano piper. An icon of the state who animated the most important events in the region with his voice.


Another of the Zulia announcers and producers, Ramon Soto Urdaneta , wrote on the social network Twitter: «Much pain. A large piece of the country is leaving us. His beloved homeland. Its galloping Venezuela. How much pain I feel. Goodbye brother. Goodbye Chavín ».

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