Manuel “Pollo” Ujueta Died In A Car Accident In Florida

Today you leave us brother of dreams, there are no words that can with the pain of not continuing to walk by your side, he adds.

Manuel Pollo Ujueta Venezuelan singer of EstoeSPosdata died in a traffic accident last Friday night in June in Hialeah Gardens in South Florida in the United States. The girlfriend of the artist Valeria Chiarello was another of the fatal victims of the accident that left three dead and one injured. Carlos Ujueta brother of the artist is in critical condition according to the official report reviewed by Diario Las Americas.

For his part, the brother of the Venezuelan artist, Carlos Ujueta, who was also during the event, is in stable condition after being transferred from the emergency room in a helicopter to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

Both vehicles were completely destroyed in the collision, US authorities reported during the early hours of Saturday.

The incident occurred on Northwest 95 street in Hialeah Gardens, Florida, in a fatal car accident where the singer, his girlfriend Valeria Chiariello, and the driver of the other car involved lost their lives.

The silver Nissan they were riding in was heading north when it collided head-on into a black Chevy heading south whose driver was also killed, the Florida Highway Patrol FHP said.

Miami Dade Fire Department personnel who traveled to the scene transported Carlos Ujueta to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The incident occurred in the area of ​​Okeechobee Road and Northwest the Street. Investigators are working to clarify what caused the accident.

Manuel Pollo Ujueta was a member of the urban do EstoeSPosdata, also composed of Salomn Salo Benacerraf.

Hug tight when you say goodbye. Thank those close to you every day. Resolve any misunderstandings because the people you love will never be replaceable, says the caption of a photo of Pollo from the group’s Instagram account.

Today you leave us brother of dreams Chicken there are no words that can with the pain of not continuing to walk by your side, he adds. Likewise, thank you for years full of laughter, brotherhood learning, and much music, thank you for never ceasing to give us your talent and good heart concludes.m

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