Images Of The Spectacular Accident Suffered By Fernando Carrillo In A 4×4 Truck

The Venezuelan actor shared the photographs of the mishap he lived in Costa Rica

Fernando Carrillo reported that yesterday he suffered a spectacular mishap while driving an off-road carfortunately, the accident did not happen to adults so the Venezuelan actor pronounced himself grateful for getting out of the situation safe and sound.

Just a few days ago, the actor from the 90s telenovela María Isabel boasted on his social networks that he traveled to the Latin American country Costa Rica to spend a few days in an area full of green landscapes and fresh air.

However, today the actor who recently became a father again, uploaded a couple of photographs to his official Instagram account where he showed the state of gravity in which he found himself after the accident he suffered when he was walking in an apparently flat field.

“ Today I lived ONE more MIRACLE. AMEN .. . I may have broken my neck and I could have lost my life. But God has a great plan yet for my life. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, beloved father. Your miracles do not cease to amaze me, “wrote the Venezuelan in his publication.

Fernando Carrillo Accident
The event occurred in Costa Rica (Photo: @ ferrcarrillo / Instagram)

In the images, it can be seen that the vehicle in which the actor was transported turned and turned, so that Fernando Carrillo was left upside down, only held by the seat belt of the car. After letting go, the 55-year-old actor stood still, waiting for someone to check him out and help him out. In the background, you can see that the place where he was had some cows.

Thanks to the fact that he did not have injuries, the protagonist of the Mexican novel I will love youreflected on how important it was for him not to have injuries and thanked God for taking care of him in the face of any adversity, for which he recommended his followers to pray every day.

“ When I woke up like EVERY DAY, I made a prayer. Remember that 5 minutes on your knees will make you walk steady, the whole day. Okay? ”He posted.

Fernando Carrillo Accident

The photos already have more than 3,000 likes and hundreds of comments. His fans quickly expressed themselves on the singer’s profile to offer him their best wishes and blessings in the face of the situation he experienced. They also recommended that you not expose yourself in that way because they are dangerous activities.

The images were replicated in the Suelta la Sopa program account, where users criticized the appearance of the images, as some think that the actor posed for the photo and acted.

“And he posed for the cameras “, “He takes it very seriously as an actor, even for his real-life”, “And he still acts faint “, “But, he seems to be posing! God, forgive my thoughts but it is what it is “,” I’ll wait for me, first you take my photo to publish it and then they take me to the hospital, “they wrote in @sueltalasopatv.

On the other hand, Fernando Carrillo took the opportunity to contact his wife Gabriela Rodríguez, who is resting at home after the natural birth that she had a month ago. The native of Caracas said he missed his partner and his son Milo, also assured that he will soon return with them.

“Beloved son @babymilocr and wife @mgdecandido I’ll be back home soon. Amen ”, said the singer also.

The actor confessed that he has been away from his family for a while because he has gone on a trip, so he just received a photograph of his wife where he looks very sexy, and recovered from the birth of his firstborn. Fernando assured that Gabriela sent it to him because he is about to finish his quarantine and wants to see him.

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