Famous Entertainer Dave Capella Dies Of Coronavirus

After a month fighting the virus in hospital, the Venevisión animator lost his life this Saturday, days after his father.

The world of Venezuelan television dresses in mourning after the death of Dave Capella, the beloved presenter of Venevisión.

This Saturday the animator lost an arduous battle against the coronavirus that took him to the hospital with his parents at the end of February.

His father Ulises died a week ago as he was unable to fight this disease and his son did so just a few days later. This was announced by journalists from the country and the channel for which he worked for so many years.

“The great Venevisión family, the board of directors, executive staff and employees fulfill the painful duty of communicating the sensitive passing of our co-worker Dave Capella. Our anchor and host of Covers passed away today. Peace to his soul.” , read the channel’s statement.

Yerardy Montoya , the presenter’s girlfriend, also confirmed his death in a message full of pain but also love for the one who has been his partner and life accomplice.

“You will always be with me. I will always remember you in the best way. I will always, always, always love you. Thank you for being the most wonderful man in the world,” he wrote, among many other things.

Who still remains in the hospital is his mother Alicia, also infected and fighting this disease that has taken her husband and son. May they rest in peace.

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