Carolina Sandoval’s Mother Got A COVID Vaccine

Carolina Sandoval is always sharing with her followers the details of her day to day and those of her family. And this time the likable influencer, who became famous on the Telemundo show Suelta la Sopa, where she was until last year, shared that her mother received the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday.

The Venezuelan posted a video on her Instagram account , in which she showed the exact moment in which Amalia de Sandoval got the COVID-19 vaccine in Miami, aboard her car, and told what was her reaction after the immunization.

“You don’t know how happy I am to have had my first dose of the vaccine yesterday. The most beautiful thing is that Pope Francis was getting his second dose of the vaccine yesterday. I told God that if I was going to get the vaccine, He would open up all the roads for me and that’s how it was. I feel good, with one of the symptoms that they have already told me, pain in my arm so far, ”said Dona Amalia, according to People in Spanish. “You have to put a healthy mind, a healthy body, and everyone, when they have the opportunity [to get vaccinated], have no fear. I am pro-vaccine ”.

After the first dose of Doña Amalia’s vaccine, the pleasant creator of Trasnocho con Caro posted a message on her Instagram, where she thanked God for that moment.

“The Glory of God … alone and thanks to God the day of the vaccination arrived for my mother @amaliadesandoval, who since this pandemic began I have cared like my sister as our greatest treasure because our mother is all we have. After having shared this image with our family, we share it with you, asking God that everything continues as it has been until now with this first dose of the vaccine, “said the communicator’s mother.

“I am with many mixed feelings because there were many days of waiting, weeks and it was our turn to see the first Sandoval vaccinated. And I am sure that later we will tell you in detail all the information search and the days of anguish and the satisfaction we have of being guided by my mother’s doctors and those of the family. By the way my people, it was the Pfizer Vaccine, “She added.

This Thursday, the Poisonous call posted another update on her social network about the effects of the vaccine on her mother and said they have been spoiling her at home.

“My mother woke up with a lot of pain in her right arm where she received the Pfizer vaccine, which is normal, but here we are taking care of her as she deserves and attentive to everything,” said Carolina Sandoval.

The Venezuelan star also told People en Espanol that she was speaking with a doctor to ask whether or not she should get the vaccine, since she has multiple allergies, but added that for now, she has not made the decision.

And about whether her 17-year-old daughter will follow in the footsteps of her grandmother and get the vaccine, Carolina Sandoval said: “When it is the turn of Barbara Camila’s group, she will decide.”

Doña Amalia also took the opportunity to send advice to those who want to get the COVID-19 vaccine: “Patience, you have to be very patient.”

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