Actress Gladys Cáceres Dies At 97 In The United States

The Cuban-Venezuelan actress Gladys Cáceres died in Miami. She was 97 years old. The artist, with a long career, acted in soap operas, cinema, radio, and theater

For three decades Gladys Cáceres was seen in productions such as Sacrificio de mujer (RCTV, 1972); Leonela , as the mother of the protagonist, Bienvenida , Esperanza , Azucena and La dama de rosa , on RCTV in the 80s.

In the 90s she was on Marte TV in La traidoraLa Loba wounded and Sirena, and already in the present century in Shameless Love (Telemundo), Rebel Angel (Venevisión), Love has no price (Televisa) and Gabriel, immortal love ( MegaTv).

More than television, theater was the passion of Gladys Cáceres , and among her international performances on the stage are Orinoco , by Emilio Carballido, produced by the French Alliance in Paris, Soliloquio en negro tenaz , by José Gabriel Núñez at the Latin American Festival Monologues of Puerto Rico, and A 2.50 la Cuba Libre , by Ibrahim Guerra in New York.

“The emotion of doing theater in NY is really indescribable,” she confessed.

Since 1999, Gladys Cáceres lived in Miami, where she remained active participating in short plays such as La viuda de Gardel and Although they call me crazy.

She stood out giving life to the character of Regina, sister of Juan Vicente Gómez, in Gómez, by José Ignacio Cabrujas. It was one of the most difficult roles of her career, for which she received the Estrella de Venezuela and the Guaicaipuro de Oro awards.

Gladys Cáceres was born in La Maya, near Santiago de Cuba, in 1924, where she started at the University Theater during her pedagogical studies in Havana.

She acted with Mario Martínez Casado’s theater company, with which she left her country, and starred in SOA (Without another surname), in 1951, the first Cuban film made outside of Havana, produced and directed by Sergio Miró and Rodolfo Hernández Turn.

At the age of 22, Gladys Cáceres arrived in Venezuela with Martínez Casado’s company in 1953, when television began, and she stayed, participating in drama from those years, among them La sloop Isabel arrived this afternoon.

“After the theater season was over, I didn’t want to return to Cuba, I stayed and started working at Televisa, as the company that was taking its first steps at that time was called. I decided to settle permanently in Caracas when I married Vicenzo Pasariello, an Italian who did not speak Spanish, and I did not speak Italian: love things! She died on January 18, 1980. We had three children: Nicolás, Duilio and Vicente ”, she told Juan Cueto-Roig on the blog“ Gaspar, the local ”.

In the 1980s, Gladys Cáceres also made Mamá Dolores , an adaptation of El Derecho de Nacer for Radio Continente, and El diario de una camarera , a monologue by Octave Mirbeau, directed by Romeo Costea.

Asked by Cueto-Roig about her future plans, she declared: “work on a stage until God says enough!”

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