Google Nest has no release date yet

Google is working to replace the usual Google Home speaker. Although at first they were only rumors, the brand has confirmed to the technological newspaper ‘The Verge’ an image and a video in which you can see this new device, which follows the aesthetics of Google, but is presented as a more compact and renovated model. from Google Home Max.

The current Google Home speaker has not had a substitute since it was released in 2016 , but a few days ago, in an official presentation of Google in Japan , this model appeared that had all the earmarks of being the sequel to the original. Now, Google confirms it. During this time, the company has indeed released versions such as the Nest Mini or Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, but the iconic and main design has not been renewed until

This new smart speaker, about 22 cm high, would have a rubber base on the bottom, where it is placed, and a plug on the back next to a ‘mute’ switch. The front of the speaker would look completely smooth, with LED lights that would come on when interacting with the device . Although in some images it initially appears as a device in gray, in the video that can be seen on the website of The Verge it also appears in two soft shades of blue and pink.

Release date

For now, it is unknown when this speaker will go on the market, and the same is true of most devices that Google has waiting. The technical specifications are not known beyond the images that have been leaked and those that Google has officially given, but they are expected to be superior to the current amplification speaker with dual passive driver and radiator.

It’s common for Google hardware products to leak soon, so their launch is expected to be in the short term, too, and to come with a complete overhaul of their home devices. Also in the coming months, it is expected that your next Pixel 4a smartphone will see the light , a mid-range with great features in photography.

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