The global computer sales market has grown during the second quarter of this year 2020, coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic, thus reversing the drop in sales that it was experiencing in previous periods and with particularly strong growth in Europe, according to analysts Gartner. and IDC.

The number of PC shipments worldwide between April and June was 64.8 million units , representing a growth of 2.8% over the same period last year, as Gartner has reported.

In this way, the market recovers after having suffered a drop in sales during the first quarter, due to problems in supplying the supply chain due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Market growth has been particularly marked in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, where according to Gartner the number of computer shipments has grown by 20%, the largest increase in this region in more than ten years . In Asia Pacific, on the other hand, the market fell 8.1%.

“In addition, the growth of notebook computers was especially strong, caused by several factors including business continuity in remote work, online education and entertainment needs for the consumer,” said the director of the Gartner research, Mikako Kitagawa.

In terms of data by brand, Lenovo managed to be the best-selling with 16.197 million computers sold worldwide, closely followed by HP , with 16.165 million. The Dell podium closes , with 10.6 million units and at a great distance from Apple , fourth with 4.4 million.

Analyst IDC agrees on the growth of the sector, but his data points to an even greater increase in the second quarter, of 11.2%, reaching a total of 72.3 million computers sold worldwide among laptops, desktops and professional devices.

This analysis gives HP the leading brand worldwide, with a 25% share and slightly ahead of China’s Lenovo (24.1 percent).

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