Apple introduced the iPhone 12: what are the new models and prices

This new generation has new technology that allows 5G connectivity and greater autonomy. Here are all the details of the new Apple cell phone.

Apple presents the iPhone 12 and, as expected, the new generation of the smartphone from the Cupertino company has as its greatest novelty the incorporation of 5G technology, which improves the speed of connections.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said it is “today the beginning of a new era” and confirmed that the new iPhone will bring a “new level of performance” for higher quality download and upload and video streaming. In densely populated areas where 5G technology is available, people will have better service and faster speeds.

They will be able to generate downloads at a download speed of 100 Mbps.

Cook introduced Hans Vestberg, leader of Verizon Communications, and informed that thanks to the collaboration between the two companies, 5G Ultra Wideband points will be installed in schools, states, airports and other public points in the US

The most accessible device of the new generation will be the mini, which will cost $ 699 . Then will come the normal iPhone 12, which will have a value of $ 799, the Pro version, which will be priced at $ 999 and finally the top of the Pro Max range, which will reach $ 1,099.

Apple introduced the iPhone 12: what are the new models and prices
The new generation of the iPhone will have 5G technology

All versions will have three memory options. While the mini and iPhone 12 will feature 64, 128, and 256GB models, the Pro and Pro Max variables will be offered with 128, 256 or 512GB.


On the other hand, the two top-of-the-range models, Pro and Pro Max will have one more hour of autonomy. For its part, the mini is expected to last less than that of the iPhone 11 due to its measurements.


As for the camera, this new generation will include an improved digital zoom. In addition, it will be ultra-wide-angle with 35 percent more aperture.


Lastly, the Face ID facial recognition system was improved for this model. It will be faster thanks to a new system of “dynamic zoning” algorithms for the TrueDepth camera array.


Apple also announced a HomePod Mini smart speaker that will come in white and gray, costing $ 99.


The new HomePod offers features such as allowing use by multiple users in a home and sending information to systems in the car. For example, a user can give directions to a store after asking HomePod what time it closes.


Many of the features serve to catch up with similar offerings from Inc and Google from Alphabet Inc.


The announced iPhones will test whether Apple can sustain that streak and ride a wave of consumer excitement around 5G wireless data networks, the faster variants of which exceed the data rates of their predecessors by several times.


Android devices from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and others have introduced the new network capabilities for months, and analysts say 5G phones are driving device changes.


Last month, Apple launched new models of watches with blood oxygen sensors and updated its iPad models, at the same time that it launched a new package of its paid subscription services called Apple One.


The company has also pledged to introduce new Mac computers before the end of the year based on processors of its own design rather than those from Intel Corp.

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