Adira Salahudi Viral Video Scandal, Footage Leaked On Telegram

Adira Salahudi Viral Video

Adira Salahudi is a Malaysian Instagram model and influencer with a vast following on Instagram and fans inspired by her modest style. The renowned influencer has been in trouble after a video leaked on social media platforms, which resulted in an abuzz on the internet, sparking scandal, controversy, and a wave of shock and disappointment … Read more

Kamangyan’s viral shampoo Scandal video, Sparks on Social Media

Kamangyan Viral Video

Social media is buzzing with news about a video featuring Kamangyan, a popular Filipino YouTuber. This video, which talks about a shampoo event, has sparked online and even caught the attention of social media. On social platforms like Reddit’s r/ChikaPH forum, people are actively discussing the details, and Twitter’s trending hashtags on the Kamangyan Shampoo … Read more

[VIDEO] GunGun Gupta Viral Video Incident, Controversy Surrounding GunGun Gupta

GunGun Gupta Viral Video

GunGun Gupta, a well-known Indian Instagram influencer, found herself at the centre of a viral video controversy in November 2023. With over 5.8 million followers on her Instagram account, @GunGungupta137, a personal (private) video of hers quickly went viral, capturing viewers’ attention. Gungun, a 19-year-old Indian influencer, has gained fame for her natural beauty and … Read more