Exatlón USA: Why Norma Palafox Is Out And Who Are The Other Suspended Athletes

Ana Parra Exatlón USA

For weeks the Telemundo program has been in the eye of the hurricane due to some controversy; now has 6 participants punished for 3 days Last Sunday was elimination day in the US version of Exatlon. As always, the tensions between the Celebrity team and the Contenders were running high; however, the April 11 program was characterized by the enormous number of absences that … Read more

Norma Palafox Suspended From Exatlón Estados Unidos

Norma Palafox Suspended

The Mexican soccer player has been suspended from the program and everything indicates that she would be one of those involved in the scandal for drug possession Exatlón Estados Unidos remains in the midst of the drug possession scandal that has made so much noise in recent weeks. Several athletes would be involved in this serious problem, … Read more