Yulia Tarasevich Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong: What Happened To Her?

Yulia Tarasevich Cosmetic Surgery

What Cosmetic Surgery Did You Undergo? Russian model underwent cosmetic surgery and now she can’t close her eyes or smile. Russian model decided to undergo cosmetic surgery because she wanted to look younger, however, the results she obtained were not what she wanted and now she cannot move her eyes or her face. Yulia Tarasevich, … Read more

Eduardo Yáñez Spoke From The Hospital After Being Admitted For Surgery

Eduardo Yáñez in Hospital

Eduardo Yáñez was recently operated on in a health center in Mexico City for a health problem related to his kidneys. The Mexican actor released the news through his official profile on the Instagram platform. “As I promised about five weeks ago to follow up on these kidney stones, today is the day of the second intervention … Read more