Kulbir Jhinjer Under the Roof of Rumours, Is He Dead or Alive?

 kulbir Jhinjer Dead Or Alive

The Punjabi music industry recently faced a turn of baseless rumors. These rumors circulated about the death of one of the Punjabi Music community’s most prominent singer and songwriter, Kulbir Jhinjer. Since spreading the word, this has raised concerns and worries in Kulbir’s fans and followers community. Kulbir Jhinjer is a famous personality in the … Read more

Mick Foley, Wwe Hall of Famer Wrestler, Death Rumours, Is He Alive or Dead?

Mick Foley Dead Rumours

Recently, wrestling fans need clarification about the emerging stories regarding one of the most popular WWE Hall of Famer Wrestler, Mick Foley, who’s under the roof of rumours linked to his death. Who is Mick Foley? Mick Foley is an American professional wrestler. Mick Foley needs no introduction as he is the most known and popular … Read more

Ralph Humphrey Dead Or Alive? Rumours About The Death

Ralph Humphrey Dead Or Alive

Online rumours about the death of well-known American drummer Ralph Humphrey are circulating. Ralph, most known for his collaborations with Frank Zappa, was declared deceased on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, but this news has not yet been confirmed. It’s also possible that this created a stir of chaos among the people. In Los Angeles, Ralph … Read more

Is Shilpa Shetty’s son dead or alive? – What happened to him?

shilpa shetty son is Death

On Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media sites, rumors started to spread, and some media accounts published untrue information regarding the passing of Shilpa Shetty’s son Viaan. We then looked at the Shilpa Shetty Son trending news. Since this news has no validity, it can only be considered a rumor. We discovered that he was … Read more

Sir Trill Dead Or Alive? – What Happened To Him?

Sir Trill Dead

The famous South African musician, songwriter, rapper, and record producer Sir Trill, whose real name was Tumelo Mzwakhe Zwane, has passed away. The musician committed suicide on January 4, 2023. Investigations are going on because it’s unclear what led to his suicide. The South African musician said on Twitter that he had given up on … Read more

Baylen Levine Death A Hoax Or Truth?

Baylen Levine Dead Or Alive

Nowadays, rumours are typically propagated every other day. People don’t realize the power of the internet since they continue to circulate false rumours and death hoaxes about well-known figures while everyone believes the news they find online. The same happened to Baylen Levine, a well-liked American internet celebrity and YouTuber known for his humorous pranks … Read more

David Gates Death A Hoax Or Truth?

David Gates dead or alive

Internet speculations about the passing of well-known American musician and producer David Ashworth Gates are widespread today. People propagated an online disturbance without any verified information about his death. There is no official statement concerning these hoaxes from David’s demise. As far as we know and from reports, David is OK and happy to be … Read more

Tony Blevins Dead Or Alive?

Tony Blevins Dead or Alive

Online rumours are circulating that Tony Blevins, an American professional who worked for Apple Inc., passed away without reliable confirmation from the source. When news of Blevins’ passing spreads online, people are anxious to learn what happened to him and what contributed to his passing. However, according to our study, this news is a complete … Read more

Tom Selleck Dead Or Alive? – What Happened?

Tom Selleck Dead or alive

Propagating fake news is relatively frequent, especially when it involves reports of the passing of well-known people and figures. Tom Selleck, an actor, best known for playing Thomas Magnum in the 1980s television series “Magnum, P.I.,” has recently been the subject of online death rumours. Nobody is telling the truth, or they are simply causing … Read more