Jamie Lee Curtis Joins The Borderlands Movie

Jamie Lee Curtis

Little by little, the cast of the Borderlands movie takes shape. It was recently confirmed that actors of the stature of Cate Blanchett and Kevin Hart will be part of the cast of this film. Now, new information indicates that Jamie Lee Curtis will also participate in this production. According to information from Collider, Jamie Lee Curtis struck a deal to appear in the Borderlands movie. As … Read more

Chris Evans ‘Buzz Lightyear’ New Movie Announced

Chris Evans

They announce a new ‘Buzz Lightyear’ movie with Chris Evans as the protagonist, and social networks go crazy. “It’s a dream come true”: The American actor expressed his enthusiasm on Instagram and thanked all his fans for their support. December 11, 2020, | Films Animated movie fans were stunned by Pixar’s new ad. And it … Read more