First Images Of Kimberly Loaiza After Her New Cosmetic Surgery

Kimberly Loaiza Surgery

The influencer showed off her silhouette during the Premios Juventud Youtuber Kimberly Loaiza showed off her figure during the Premios Juventud delivery, which took place last Thursday after she announced that she underwent cosmetic surgery earlier this month. Through her Instagram account, the influencer showed her silhouette with a full-body suit made with black sequins that … Read more

New Photo In Which Juanito Looks Like Kimberly Loaiza’s Twin

Kimberly Loaiza baby boy

This photograph proves that Juanito is identical to Kimberly Loaiza when she was little Since it was announced that Kimberly Loaiza was pregnant for the second time, fans began to speculate if Juanito would be more like his mother, Juan De Dios, or his older sister, Kima. Now that YouTubers have posted multiple pictures of their … Read more