Josemith Bermúdez Died: Everything You Need To Know

Josemith Bermúdez Died

Josemith Bermúdez Died: the Venezuelan cheerleader who kept the faith during her battle against cancer The animator Luis Olavarrieta confirmed the death of the Venezuelan animator in his social networks The actress, entertainer, television presenter, singer, and businesswoman Josemith Bermúdez passed away at dawn on Saturday, July 31. Bermúdez’s animator and close friend, Luis Olavarrieta, … Read more

Josemith Bermúdez Dies After A Long Battle With Cancer

Josemith Bermúdez Dies

The world today is sadder with the news of her departure. Josemith Bermúdez, tireless fighter and absolute example of life died after several years fighting cancer with everything. Josemith Bermúdez was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2017, and since then she has faced this terrible disease with courage. It was her friend of the soul … Read more